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White/ Off White Chest of Drawers 250 Items

If you’re looking for modern White Chest of Drawers Bedroom Furniture take a look at our fantastic selection at CFS UK. Whatever style and Size of your bedroom, you’re sure to find the perfect matching Chest of Drawers that suit with your decor and home setting.

Browse our latest collection of White Chest of Drawers London to complete your bedroom. Rich in design and best in durability, our fantastic selection of White Wooden Chest of Drawers is available in an array of different styles and sizes to suit any home style. Our High Gloss White Chest of Drawers are available in different drawer options, from 3, 4, 5 Drawers to 6 Drawers and 5+2 Drawers. Buy Oak Wood Large Chest of Drawers online at CFS UK and Save your £’s!
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White/ Off White Chest of Drawers


Amazing Variety of White Chest Of Drawers to be Purchased Online


Contemporary decor reflects interior that is classy, elegant, and minimalistic. The concept applies essentially to furniture selection. Adding a touch of class in your home becomes easy with fine, well finished and great looking furniture. The best in this zone is the white chest of drawers in all shapes and sizes. The incomparable design of the chest of drawer added with excellent craftsmanship will make your furniture stand out. Noteworthy are White Chest of Drawers of solid wood, especially if you are purchasing from a reputed store. You can check out the Choice Furniture Superstore for a wide range.


Types of white chest of drawers modern


While choosing from the best array of furniture, you shall go for the designs that blends with most interior themes. Depending on the space available at your home, you can choose white 4 chest of drawers and white 8 chest of drawers. In most cases, the size of the later one is bigger than the former. However, it can be same and the space in each drawer may differ. Whenever you place an order for such a furniture, make sure to check all possible measurements. This will help you assess the placement of chest of drawer in your home.


Different Pattern of Chest of Drawers and Where to Fit


The chest of drawers can be wide, tall, narrow, small or large. No matter what space you want to fill up with the furniture you can find an option at a modern furniture store.

  • White chest of drawers tall

    White chest of drawers tall can be kept in many places in the room. If you are checking for a tall option, you can surely purchase, our White 6 Drawer Tallboy Chest. This one is really tall with 144 cm height. There are 6 drawers in this one, and it has enough space to store books, stationery items, files, and many such things. If you have a big mirror on the wall, you can put two such drawers on both sides, and it will provide your home a sleek and glamourous look.
  • White Chest of Drawers wide

    Depending on the space available at your home or office, you can choose a white chest of drawers wide. White 6 Drawer Midi Chest made from MDF comes with 6 drawers, and the design is such that it would fit any interior. The bottom drawers are wider than the upper ones. If order to check the price and other details, visit the website of The Choice Furniture Superstore.
  • White Chest of Drawers small

    Another smart design is High Gloss White 3 Drawer Deep Chest which as name suggests is white chest of drawers with high gloss. The beautiful looking piece can be kept at the bedside for its compact size and can also be placed in the living room, drawing room, or study room as per your convenience. While purchasing the small white chest of drawers, make sure to check the space in your home.
  • White Chest of Drawers narrow

    For the narrow white chest of Drawers you will get at least 5 drawers, and it can also be more according to the design you choose. The chest is usually sleek, taking a small space as far as width is considered. The beautifully crafted look adjusts to every decor. You can check our High Gloss White 5 Drawer Tall Chest, which is just 37 cm in width and 107.4-centimeter-tall and has 5 drawers. You can put some decorative items on the top to make it look even more beautiful.


Where can you use the White chest of drawers ready assembled?


A chest of drawers is one furniture that can be placed anywhere. It can be placed in the living room, bedroom, and even in the kid’s room. If you are purchasing a white chest of drawers for bedroom, make sure that other furniture are in sync. White chest of drawers gloss not only reflect light, but they also make the room seem bigger than its actual size.

The drawer's chest can also be used in the office space to store files, documents, and many such things. If you have a small office and want to save space, you can purchase a wide one and use it as a table and storage space.


How to take care of your white chest of drawers UK?


If you are purchasing high gloss furniture or white furniture, it is important that you take good care of it. Though the furniture from Choice Furniture Superstore is long lasting, it is very important to use proper care methods to ensure that the shine and the colour last for a long period of time. Even if you are purchasing a grey and white chest of drawers or black and white chest of drawers, make sure the colours are intact for a long time. Here are some tips to take care of.

  • If you have purchased a white chest of drawers in solid wood, you can dust the furniture on regular basis. You don’t need a damp cloth to clean the furniture. You can redo the polish every two years to keep the shine as new.
  • For other white chest and drawers for sale, use a non-alcohol based cleaner to clean the furniture.
  • Don’t put anything hot or sticky on the furniture as that may harm the surface.
  • If you are keeping a showpiece or a flower vase, use a runner cloth on the furniture.

If you have already decided to purchase a white chest of drawers in UK, this can be the best decision you have taken for your decor. It is time to make the purchase. We suggest checking Choice Furniture Store, your one-stop destination for modern furniture. Check the options available online for the white chest of drawers and place the order. Make sure to check the dimensions mentioned or call the customer care to solve any query.

If you are looking for matching furniture with your newly purchased chest of drawers, browse through the other sections and get introduced to a large variety of furniture items available at the best price in the market.