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White/ Off White Dining Tables 72 Items

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White/ Off White Dining Tables

As a famous saying goes, “the fondest memories are made when gathered around the table”, it’s true that dining tables have always been a symbol of love and joy celebrated together; a place where we nourish ourselves and join hands to celebrate important as well as our everyday achievements.

Though dining tables are available in a variety of colors yet the purity of white remains unsurpassed. White is considered the color of peace and white dining tables are like a fresh new leaf to your dining space which not only beautifies your home but also blends well with your choice of the color of the walls. Be it, bronze metal showpieces, wooden carved table adornments or china glass cutlery, white dining tables are a perfect choice. As we delve further into the concept of dining tables, let’s examine the different and important aspects of a dining table.

The best dining table for you is considered the one that is available in your budget, fits sturdy, constructed and well in your space with a fashionable style. Below given are some important factors that should be considered while buying a dining table for your house.

  • Use a measuring tape:

    Your dining table must be a perfect fit in your dining space! So, measure the width and breadth of the table before opting for one.

  • Choice of shape:

    Though square and rectangular tables are the most chosen ones, you’ll find different choices with a myriad of styles, sizes and extendable options. Just like a round or oval table allows a little more space to move around since it cuts off the corners and yet has a good surface area. Pick your choice wisely!

  • Right table material:

    Choosing the right material for your dining table can be taxing. But all you need to do is to balance price in your budget, look at the ease of care, and your choice of style to pick the perfect one for your home.

  • Check if reliable & sturdy:

    A good dining table should be sturdy and well-made, with a finish that works against the wearing out of material over time. So, if you pick up a reliable one, you’re good to go for a long period of time without having to get a new one.

If you’re still wondering which dining table to opt for, let us take you through a journey of choices to make your dining space a heavenly dwelling.

If you’re looking for a vintage dining table that sets an outlook for you to enjoy a lavish english breakfast with traditional cutleries, you should consider the Nova Solo Provence White Dining table available at Choice Furniture Superstore. But if you’re looking for a simple dining table yet a style statement and wish to have a white marble dining table, here’s the Urban Deco Milan White marble rectangular dining table to provide you with a perfect choice that you won’t ever regret.

You also have a myriad of options to choose from if you wish to buy white gloss dining tables, such as our exclusive White high gloss round dining table, to optimize your space with its round shape and look gorgeous if decorated with beautiful showpieces and cutlery. There’s also the beautiful white Round extending drop leaf dining table to add a top notch look to your dining space with its round surface and tall legs with a white lacquered finish. The choice is all yours!

Materials used

The materials that are being used by us for the table top made out of sound quality tempered glass. To create the base, we make use of wood that will be sustainable for a longer period of time like mahogany wood. Some of the dining table bases are also made using stainless steel and wrought iron.

After your purchase, let’s look at how you could style your white dining table and chairs.

Styling Tips

1. You could start with placing a flower vase with fresh and aromatic flowers along with a wooden fruit bowl on your white dining table. This simple way of styling your dining table never goes out of fashion.

2. Install hanging light frames on the top of your table with yellow lights fixed to them so that you can enjoy a cozy dining experience, any time of the day or night.

3. You could also hang wall arts and paintings on the wall standing opposite to the dining table.

4. Make use of a bright colored runner, preferably matching with your walls and place some candle stands and luscious green plants which can be kept indoor, on your dining table to add a bohemian touch to it.

5. Get a few vessels of different heights and keep a melange of dried and fresh flowers to decorate it.

6. Fabricate a dining vignette at the center of the table to keep your salt, pepper dispensers, spoons and forks for easy use.

Let us take a look at various handling instructions which will help you take better care of your white dining table as white is a little difficult to maintain.


Handling instructions


Even though dining tables these days are way more durable and scratch resistant, when it comes to a white dining table, we have to keep a few handling instructions handy.

  • Keep your white dining table away from direct heat and humidity as it can effect the color, wood and glass of the table depending on which material you choose.
  • Meticulously clean your dining table every day. Make use of a dry microfiber cloth to clean the surface as white table tops can easily get dirty.
  • If you’re using a commercial cleaner, try not to spray directly on the glass surface. Begin with spraying the solution on a clean piece of cloth and then began wiping off stains.
  • Avoid banging or hitting the white dining table surface with any heavy metal object
  • Try and clean the dining table in a shorter time period of the stain to avoid the stain to remain for longer.
  • Always make sure to use mats or coasters while keeping hot food on the table.
  • In case you spill anything, immediately wipe off the surface. Try not to allow any liquid to stay on the surface for too long.

I hope you have a list ready to go dining table hunting from the different choices in your head while keeping in mind the different instructions given above. Visit Choice Furnitures to enjoy a myriad of choices for your white dining table. Order your favorite today and make your home look like a perfect candlelight dining spot.