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White/ Off White Bookcases 120 Items

Bookcases are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can add to any room of your home. Check out our full range of White Narrow Wooden Bookcases for any of our storage needs. Here at CFS UK, we offer a broad range of White Corner Ladder Bookcases in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any modern and contemporary home styles. With so many different styles and sizes. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect piece for your space. From White Modern Oak Bookcases, Corner Bookcases, Bookcases With Doors to White Gloss Small Bookcases, we’ve something to suit every home decor and style. Shop More, Save More!
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White/ Off White Bookcases


Styling with the Right Storage Item


Bookcases are part and parcel of our life as houses one of our most cherished and prized possessions, our books. A white shelf unit displayed in your lounge or sitting area gives you a sense of pride and enhances your style statement as well. So, are you looking for white modern bookcases that will give your home a character and makeover? Do not worry because Choice Furniture Superstore brings you a wide range of white bookcases that will adorn and change your room's style quotient. The style of bookcases has evolved over a period of time, and nowadays, you not only display your favourite books but mementos, showpieces, and other Knick-knacks as well. It is an ample space to add your personal touch as a bookcase reflects your personality and taste.


A varied range and style in White bookcases


It is essential that before making a purchase or placing an order, you take into consideration the size, dimensions, and the storage space of your chosen bookcase.

CFS brings you a wide range of white bookcases with trendy and eye-catching designs, trying our best to suit the glam quotient of your house. For you, we have the white corner bookcases, a perfect classy choice to brighten your corner space, and give it a clean, minimalistic look. The white bookcases with doors allow you many interior spaces to display and protect your precious collectibles and rare books.We have a choice of 2 doors to 6 door bookcases. We also have white ladder bookcases, a perfect storage solution to display your books and other decors.

It is a package of neat, space-saving style and utility. Our white bookcases with drawers are smart-looking, an ideal place to store magazines, bits and bobs, and most importantly to keep your little secrets. We have one drawer to six drawer products.

Our slim white bookcases are a melange of style and practicality. These narrow white shelves provide valuable shelf space for anything from books, ornaments to photographs. The white high gloss bookcases revamp and rejuvenate your room but also brings a feel of brightness. You will love our range of white oak bookcases. Vintage look It adds a sense of class to your room and brings in a vintage effect to a modern and contemporary space. They are sturdy and come in different shapes and sizes. We have a wide range white gloss bookcases to match your style and budget. it brightens up the room and combines the essential qualities of display and storage.

The height, width and the depth of our products vary according to the style of the bookcase. CFS has a range of other white bookcase items as well to cater to your taste and demand.

Material used

Different shapes and sizes of white bookcases are made with different kinds of superior quality material, which are durable, tough, and hardy. They are mostly made of solid wood or engineered wood and are long-lasting and hard-wearing.

How do I style my bookcase?

Bookcases can be used to create visual interest. Just shop around your house to find artwork, picture frames, vases, and other accessories and style it up with a colour scheme. Create little vignettes and be thoughtful about the books you display.

  • Do not pack in too many books and accessories. Try to keep a clean look and adequately balance your arrangement. Mix up shapes and sizes until it impresses your aesthetic sense.
  • You can gather small collectibles, arrange the books horizontally, and place small decorative on it.
  • You can arrange the books vertically and horizontally alternately and use picture frames or potted plants as bookends.

  • You can use heavy, sturdy decors as bookends to keep shelves neat and organized. Bookends especially come in handy for paperbacks and slimmer books to keep them straight.
  • You can style your modern bookshelf by grouping together a small set of books and then complement it with sleek flower vases and other decors, leaving some open space on the shelves.
  • For a living room, place the most attention-grabbing showpieces, photo frames, and art work to grab the guests' attention. When decorating shelves offsetting accessories creates a friendly impactful eclectic style.
  • Put the things you don't access everyday on top of the bookcase and the largest and the heaviest accessories at the bottom.
  • You can also decorate it with flowers of every mood and season.


Taking care of Bookcases


You need to take care of your modern white bookcase, clean it regularly, and make it the gorgeous piece of furniture. Here are some tips that will come in handy.

  • To clean your bookshelves, use a microfiber cloth or a clean paint or makeup brush to dust the tops and sides of the books and then the shelves.
  • You can also attach the upholstery attachment of the vacuum to clean off the dust. To clean the highest shelf or top of the bookcase, plug in a hairdryer, turn the dryer on a cold setting, and blow dust off the tops and spines of the books.
  • If the shelves are washable, clean it with warm soapy water and then use a dry rag to rinse the shelves including the sides and the exterior.
  • You can also use an old-fashioned feather dust to clean the books and accessories.
  • Check if there are books you would like to donate or pass on to friends

Choice Furniture Superstore offers a host of options in white bookcases in their platter to complement both contemporary and modern style houses. If you are looking for a white bookcase to adorn your home, you must definitely try to Shop at CFS, white bookcases UK. It will definitely cater to your home decor aesthetically at a very reasonable price.