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Mirrored Sliding Wardrobes


When you think of adding a touch of sugar, spice and everything nice to every corner of your homes, why should the humble wardrobe be left behind? Especially when you can give it a grand makeover that will instantly transform your bedroom from a dreary boring space to a stylish and elegant one? And if you are wondering how on earth is that possible, the answer lies in mirrored sliding wardrobes!

Sliding wardrobes open up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to decorating your bedroom. And the fact that these bespoke pieces of furniture are so compact and kid friendly, takes them to another new level. Did we get you interested? Read on to know more about this wardrobe type and how you can style it to suit your bedroom.

But first, let us take a look at the advantages of sliding wardrobes.

A sliding wardrobe offers a host of advantages to suit your urban home. But worry not if your home is a traditional one, as these wardrobes fit in wonderfully in every kind of bedroom/space to make it look wider and brighter. Here are some advantages of a sliding wardrobe:

  • It makes your room pop:

    And by that we mean, a sliding wardrobe instantly adds oodles of charm to your bedroom. And though the final look makes it seem as if you have shelled a lot of money on this furniture, it actually isn’t that cost effective!
    You can opt for a mirrored wardrobe for a more dramatic appeal. From frosted glass finish to clear or tainted glasses in any colour you want, options are plenty. Mirrored or glass wardrobes can take your bedroom game to a whole new level.

  • Doubles up on the storage space:

    Needless to say, a sliding wardrobe hides a huge amount of space inside and since most of these wardrobes are wall built, you will have ample space to store your clothing and accessories. You can even get your sliding wardrobe customized from ceiling to floor. This can also maximize your storage area vertically.

  • Increases your floor area:

    A built-in sliding wardrobe also doubles up your carpet area. You don’t have a bulky wardrobe occupying a large chunk of space and that makes moving around easy and more comfortable. This type of wardrobe also prevents decongesting your entire bedroom.

  • Has multiple uses:

    If you have installed a mirrored wardrobe, then a great way to use it apart from a wardrobe is by turning into a looking mirror. This also reduces the need and cost of installing a dressing table.

  • A sliding wardrobe is an up sell:

    If you are considering selling your home or apartment, a sliding wardrobe makes for an up sell and automatically the price of the apartment increases. Now isn’t that a great investment?

    Now that you know the various benefits of having a sliding wardrobe, let us take a look at the various options in Choice Furniture. At Choice Furniture, each sliding wardrobe is designed using the latest technology to give it a seamless finish and classy appeal.

    If you are looking for a mirrored wardrobe that has a classic centre aligned mirror attached to the sliding wardrobe, then we have got your back. We present to you our Rauch Imperial 3 Door Mirror Sliding Wardrobe in White. A made-to-order piece of furniture, this sliding wardrobe features alpine white finishing and 3 doors to help you store ample clothing and accessories. The middle door is fully mirrored which makes it a great dressing mirror. With this wardrobe, you have the ease of getting dressed and getting ready without having to move much. The dimensions are W 300cm x D 65cm x H 197cm.

    If you have a space crunch in your apartment and are looking for a compact yet versatile sliding wardrobe to complement your bedroom, then our Rauch Quadra Sliding Wardrobe with Decor and Mirror Front can be the perfect addition to your bedroom. This beautiful piece of furniture comes flat packed and ready for easy self assembly. Further accessories like soft close dampers, extra shelves, internal drawers, extra hanging rails and led spotlights can be fitted. This wardrobe is available in various dimensions. It features a half-and-half mirror and door structure. Perfect for a small family or a bachelor condo.

    And if the door plus mirror isn’t your thing and you want to add an extra bling, we have a mirrored wardrobe that you simply can’t resist. Our Rauch Quadra Sliding Wardrobe with Part Mirror Front is what you call utility clubbed with style. This stunning piece of furniture features 3 doors which are mirrored with horizontal strips of engineered finishing. The coloured trims are the new eye-catching design features within the Quadra range for an elegantly inspired added style. Quadra comes flat packed and ready for easy self assembly. Further accessories like soft close dampers, extra shelves, internal drawers, extra hanging rails and led spotlights can be fitted.

    At Choice Furniture we offer you a variety of sliding wardrobes to choose from. You can also get your wardrobe customized according to the height of your bedroom or get it complemented with your bed. We do that all for you and safely deliver your furniture.

    Materials used

    All our sliding wardrobes are made of high quality engineered wood, solid wood and break resistant glass. The mirrored wardrobes are made using high quality tempered glass that renders it safe to be used even with kids around.

    Styling tips

    When it comes to styling your mirrored sliding wardrobe, the wardrobe pretty much renders it all the style. To enhance the look of it, however, you can place other bedroom furniture like the bed, reading table and couch (if any) in such a way that it enhances the look of the wardrobe further.

    A great way is to place your bed alongside the wardrobe or even in front of it. Doing so will reflect a lot of fresh light in the room and make the space look bigger and brighter. Avoid over crowding the room with too many furniture. For a more dramatic impact, place a rug or carpet under your bed so that it is reflected in the mirror too. This will make the room come alive.

    Handling instructions

    Here are some tips you should keep in mind that will help you care for your wardrobe better:

    • Even though most of the mirrored furniture today are made of tempered glass, it is still a good idea to keep sharp heavy objects away from it,
    • Avoid placing your wardrobe under direct sunlight.
    • Don’t strike the mirrored surface with a heavy metal.
    • While using a commercial cleaner to clean the surface, don’t spray the liquid directly on the mirrored surface.
    • Avoid placing furniture in and around the mirrored wardrobe