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Large Glass Coffee Tables


Urban Deco Maze Glass and Chrome Coffee Table

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Oscar Coffee Table - Walnut and Glass

You Save: £92.80 (32%)

Lunar Coffee Table - Glass and Chrome

You Save: £52.50 (35%)

The large glass coffee table is incredibly popular for different reasons some of them are they add visual space, a luxurious sheen, and are stain and water damage proof and if you have a large living room then this table fits your space as it will blend well with your home décor and the reflective surface will highlight the detail of your living room.

The glass used to make these tables is tempered glass which is thick and tough. So, the chance of their breakage with a slight mishap is quite rare to see. They are supported with a strong structure. The material used to make the base structure of this table is usually made of wood, metal, marble, etc. that are strong and can hold a lot of weight.

There are various benefits of having a glass tabletop some of them are:

The first one is space as glass is transparent so it gives the illusion of much more space and glass counters will make a small space seem bigger and give of weightless presence, wood and metal are the most common materials used for tables but they are often enormous for small space with their weight and color. But the glass countertops on your coffee table help your space feel large and light.

The next thing is the maintenance of the glass tabletop which is way easier than other tabletops. The glass doesn’t absorb or accumulate germs or liquids and spills are so easy to clean. Many people are worried about glass showing messes and fingerprints, but the good point is they also make it easier to identify and quickly clean messes with just a swipe of a rag.

The other benefit of glass is that they are versatile and as it’s colorless and without a strong style definition that makes it easy to work with any color scheme, décor style, or personal design.