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Small Glass Coffee Tables


Knightsbridge Glass Coffee Table - Stainless Steel Chrome Base

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Chester Silver Glass and Black Square Coffee Table (Set of 3)

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The small glass coffee table looks elegant and sophisticated and it provides you with spaciousness and an open area look. The transparent feature of glass gives an illusion that makes your room look bigger than before. The small size of this table makes it a perfect choice small living room house with it being small there is extra carpet space left to store other things.

The glass used for these tables is tempered glass which is also known as tough glass that is used in things and furniture are used on a day-to-day basis and when this glass breaks it won't break in sharp shards instant it will break into hundreds of blunt pebbles significantly reducing the risk of any major injuries. This glass might look delicate. But they are tough, so their breakage chance is low. They are small in size so, these tables make them easy to manage, and these tables are easy to move around when needed. They are space-saving and are light in weight.

Glass, even though a safer and eco-friendlier option than wood or plastic, is equally brittle and hence requires special care.

There are some tips for you to know how to handle your glass coffee table with care:

  • Don't place your coffee table under direct sunlight. This might cause the glass to become brittle over some time.
  • Always use a commercial cleaner meant for glasses to clean the coffee table.
  • Use only a microfiber cloth to clean your glass coffee table. Make sure that the cloth you are using won’t damage any lint.
  • Spraying the cleaner directly on the glass is not a good choice. First, wipe off the surface for any spill and then spray the cleaner on the cloth and then wipe the surface with it.
  • Avoid placing any hot utensils directly on the glass table. Always use table mats and coasters.
  • Don't strike the surface with heavy metal.
  • If possible, cover your coffee table with a tablecloth to retain the shine and brightness of the glass for a longer duration of time.