Round Dining Table

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Glass Topped Industrial Light Dining Table


Gami Toscane Baroque Oak Dining Table - Round Extending

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Gami Toscane Bleached Ash Dining Table - Round Extending

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Round Dining Table

As we all know nothing in the world brings together family the way food does, your perfect chance to create a soulful connection with your loved ones is at your dining table. Having a dining table not only facilitates your eating space but also beautifies your house with an added piece of rustic or modern furniture of your choice.

For many households, the traditional rectangular design is usually the preferred style because so many of us spent their childhoods growing up in households with that shape of a dining room table and it seemingly fits quite well into a square or rectangular room. However, there is another shape that you would wish to consider when you purchase a new dining table for your home, a round dining table set.

A round dining table offers a myriad of advantages that could serve right for your needs. Be it a round dining table marble set or round dining table wood set, it always is a fruitful investment.

Given below are just some of the advantages that a round table will provide you with.

Better flow and space:

Due to no corners on a round table, it creates extra space for people to walk around. Hence a large round dining table is suited to a formal dining table as well as is perfect for an open floor plan.

The navigation space is very crucial for the ones seated at a table. Space is required to place their meals, games, work, and so on in accordance to the position they wish to sit at. A round dining table is perfect as there’s better space management even in a small area without bumping or crowding. In addition, there are no shared corners so it helps prevent elbowing when trying to reach across.

Perfect for smaller spaces:

Round dining tables come with smaller footprints in comparison to rectangular tables of the same size because of zero corners. So, you can easily fit a suitable round dining table for 4 into a smaller space to suit the needs of your family.

Great for conversations:

Since there is no ‘head of the table’ in a round table arrangement, everyone acquires equal attention and faces each other. This helps the conversation to flow smoothly in comparison to a rectangular table where the conversation at one end usually leaves out the people at the other end.

It’s also easier to catch someone’s attention as round dining tables encourage people to talk to each other enabling a pleasant dining experience. So, even if it’s a round dining table for 6 or 8, you can still have a meaningful conversation.

Perfect pieces for homes that have small children or seniors:

Since round dining table set do not have any sharp edges and only round ones, they are always safer to have in households which have toddlers, small children or aged people.

You can explore from a diverse range of round dining tables at Oak furniture. If you’re looking out for adding a style statement to your dining space, our Urban Deco Carrera White marble round dining table is a perfect fit for your house. There’s also the Ganga Indian Sheesham wood round dining table which could be your perfect choice if you’re looking to add a traditional touch to your dining space. You could also add the Mark Harris Verona Oak round dining table if simplicity is what you’re venturing out for.

Materials used

Materials that we use are premium quality, tempered glass for the table top and the base or great quality wood such as sustainable wood to the like of mahogany or hevea wood. Some round dining table bases are also made using stainless steel and wrought iron.

After having purchased one, let us discover ways to style them.

Styling tips

  1. An amazing way to style your round dining table is by placing beautifully carved fruit bowls and a tall vase of aromatic flowers.

  2. You could also install hanging light frames on the top of your table to allow a cozy vibe to your dining space.

  3. You could hang wall arts and gorgeous paintings on the wall opposite to your dining table.

  4. The round dining table can also be paired with different kinds of low lying chairs, adding you an intricate design feature to experiment with.

  5. Placing a bright runner and some candle stands along with fresh green indoor plants on your dining table gives a special boho touch to your dining space.

  6. Group together vessels of varying height and place a combination of dried and fresh flowers to decorate it.

  7. Place a dining vignette to keep your salt, pepper, spoons and forks as it’s easier to not keep clearing the table every time.

Let’s look at some handling instructions to help you take better care of your round dining table.

Handling instructions

Even though round top dining tables these days are much more durable and scratch resistant, be it glass or any other material, keeping a few handling instructions handy is always useful.

  • Keep your round glass dining table away from direct heat and humidity as a combination of both can cause the glass to lose its shimmer.
  • Keep your round dining table set clean every day, preferably by using a dry microfiber cloth to clean the surface.
  • If you’re using a commercial cleaner, avoid spraying directly on the glass or wooden surface. Begin with spraying the solution first on a clean piece of cloth and then wipe off stains.
  • In a round dining table glass, avoid hitting the glass surface with a heavy metal object.
  • In a round dining table wood, avoid scratching or using sharp objects on the table.
  • Always use mats or coasters while placing hot food on the table as it could damage the glass or the wood.
  • In case of spillage, wipe off the surface immediately. Don’t allow any liquid to stay for too long on the surface.

I hope you’re ready to purchase your ideal dining table after having followed with the above details. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Choice Furniture Superstore today and explore a myriad of selection.