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Round Glass Dining Tables


The round glass dining tables are stylish and sophisticated and they can transform the entire look of the space beautifully the round shape creates more space so people can walk around and get to their seats and it's safe around kids as there are no sharp edges. And it suits the formal style dining rooms as well as a more open floor plan where the dining area is off to the side in a larger room.

The glass used in these tables is tough tempered glass. And it is transparent and does reflect light beautifully. That's why it's said that glass instantly lights up a room and gives it an airy and lighter vibe. and the glass tables are well known for their visual illusion that makes your dining room look bigger than its original size. The round shape of this dining table makes it a safe choice for you if your kids are in your house. This shape has no sharp edges so there is no risk in adding it to your house, and they let you have a better personal interaction as everyone is close to each other so it to converse and the serving on round dining table becomes easy to.

A glass even is a safe and eco-friendly option than wood or plastic. But it is equally brittle and hence requires special care.

These are some tips to handle your glass dining table with care:

  • Don't place your glass dining table under direct sunlight. This might cause the glass to become brittle over some time.
  • Always use a commercial cleaner meant for glasses to clean the dining tabletop.
  • Use only a microfiber cloth to clean your glass tabletop. Make sure that the cloth you are using won’t damage any lint.
  • Don’t spray the cleaner directly on the glass surface. Spray first on the cloth but before wipe off any spills before using the sprayed cloth.
  • Don’t let any liquid stagnate on the surface of the table. Clean it immediately.
  • Avoid placing any hot utensils directly on the glass table. Always use table mats and coasters.
  • Don't strike the surface with heavy metal.