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Small Marble Dining Tables


The small marble dining table is a perfect fit for a small dining area or apartment where there is a lot of space shortage, a dining table is a must, and it's a fact and when that's made of marble it does almost all the work you got the beauty and strength with a touch of elegance.

A dining table is a place where we share our daily life with people we love to spend with. It's not just a meal table but a whole other thing to create a bond and bring everyone together. These marble tables were first used in the palace and royal houses. These tables are in used from historical times and nowadays dining table has given allot of importance and marked as foremost important furniture in a house. A marble table complements all types of home décor be it traditional, contemporary, or modern and marble is valued due to its delicacy of colors and its explicit brightness. Makes this stone one of the foremost demanded materials for covering any surface.

Marble is an expensive material that needs extra care. Investing in marble furniture is like investing a fortune in the same. So, it is important to make it look new for a very long period which is only possible through proper care.

Here are some guidelines to ensure it looks new throughout your life:

  • You can wipe the marble tabletop with mild soap or detergent.
  • Since it's a stone, it's easily prone to get scratched and they are hard to remove. For this, you should use a table runner and coasters before placing crockery directly on the table.
  • Avoid placing anything hot, sticky, or acidic directly on the surface as it may leave stains that will be difficult to remove.
  • In case of water or any other liquid spillage, immediately wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Use a runner on the marble dining table so that it does not get any scratches or hurt by the too hot container. The runner will save the table from regular wear and tear.
  • Use marble cleaners available in the market to clean at regular intervals.
  • Beware not to hit the marble surface with any hard material as this might cause cracks on the marble top or even break it.