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Gold and Marble Side Tables


Ironville Golden Side Table

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Steel Smith Marble and Brushed Gold Sofa Side Table

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Steel Smith Marble and Brushed Gold Side Table

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Delivered FREE in 2-3 Weeks Interest Free Finance Available.
Borley Side Table

Borley Side Table


The gold and marble side table is a perfect choice for elegant home décor as the gold and marble both are luxurious materials with elegant essence. The gold finishing is one of the most highly used finishing for furniture. It makes your furniture look luxurious and expensive.

This finishing is popularly used in the Middle East and Italian-style furniture. Antique gold finishing is made by combining gold color with glaze application and antique techniques like distress, dry brushing, and other techniques. There are some gold paint finish too that gives your furniture a similar look and it's easy to repaint it with a different color if you wish to make any changes in your home décor or specific furniture.

The small side table are also known as Drink Table as the tabletop of this table is small and has enough space to only place a drink. These tables are specifically made to stand next to a place where a person will sit to have a comfortable time. This table should always be at arm's length of your seat. The artistic look in your home décor is all you need for great home décor. A gold and marble side table will do a perfect job of improving the look of the house considerably. With the golden touch of this table, it will add a sophisticated look to your living room furniture.


Metal base: Metal is the natural choice due to its reliability and durability, but like most things, the metal hall table needs to be maintained for it to come to long-lasting quality.

  • Regular and scheduled cleaning will retain its fresh glow and keep it clean.
  • Metal's biggest drawback is rusting as it won't get pest infected. Rusting can be prevented by rubbing paste wax or running wire brush on the legs and surface of thee hall table.
  • Another way can be scrubbing it with sandpaper and sand.
  • After scrubbing off rust there are scratches left on the metal. To clear that you can re-paint it with clear metal vanishes.
  • You should always cover your metal hall table when not in use.
  • You should always check up on your hall table from time to time. If left on its metal furniture will rust fast and will cause more damage.


Marble is an expensive material that needs extra care. And investing in marble furniture is like investing a fortune in the same. So, it is important to make it look new for a very long period which is possible through proper care. Here are some tips to ensure that that your side table looks new throughout their time.

  • You can wipe the marble coffee table with mild soap or detergent.
  • Since it's a stone, it's easily prone to get scratched and they are hard to remove. For this, you should use a table runner and coasters before placing crockery directly on the coffee table.
  • Avoid placing anything hot, sticky, or acidic directly on the surface as it may leave stains that will be difficult to remove.
  • In case of water or any other liquid spillage, immediately wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Use a runner on the marble dining table so that it does not get any scratches or hurt by the too hot container. The runner will save the table from regular wear and tear.
  • Make sure you use marble cleaners available in the market to clean at regular intervals.
  • Beware not to hit the marble surface with any hard material as this might cause cracks on the marble top or even break it.