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3 Door Pine Wardrobes

Copenhagen Pine 3 Door Wardrobe
Appleby Oak 3 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe

The 3 door pine wardrobe is a lot in demand. As it’s a commonly used wood for furniture as its softwood and the molding it is a lot easy than others. The natural color of pine wood allows them to blend in with the existing home décor.

Pine is a softwood that is commonly used in making furniture. They are durable and easy to work with. This wood is light in color offering various shades of cream, yellow, and white the natural knots on it make it a good fit for rustic and country-style home décor. This is less expensive than hardwood and molds easily. But this wood is easy to stain and paint. The good thing is that this wood looks attractive with the unfinished look and even with natural varnish. The three-door wardrobe provides you with more storage space (vertically as well as horizontally) to give you more space to store all your items safe and sound. This has more shelves and gives you easy access too. It's an affordable piece of furniture and gives your room a sleek and classy look. It's available in both hinged door design as well as sliding door design you can choose it according to your requirement.

Some methods have to be followed to maintain the classy look of pine.

  • To maintain pine furniture always keep the room temperature at a steady temperature, don’t let the temperature fluctuate suddenly.
  • Always dust the wardrobe using a slightly damp cloth not entirely wet on.
  • Don't ever use water, soap or detergents, or any other cleaning product on the surface.
  • To maintain the characteristic finish on this furniture don’t ever use aerosol sprays or any polish containing silicone on it.