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6 Door Wardrobes


Rauch Montclar Combi Wardrobe

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The 6 door wardrobe is mostly used by big families as they are spacious, and for someone who needs extra space like a designer. This furniture is made of materials for example wood, metal, mirror, MDF, etc.

These wardrobes have different sections and drawers to separate all your items and give you space to move around and these are mostly made to stand at the side of the room next to a wall and it covers most of the area around and helps you keep your room clean and tidy by keeping all your belongings in it. The most demanded one is the wooden and mirrored wardrobe as they look luxurious, elegant, sophisticated and the best part about this material is that they blend with all home décor or themes of your house. And the best part about wooden wardrobe is that they a perfect blend for contemporary and country style home décor. The only thing that you need to do is maintain it and it will last–longer than estimated.

Wardrobes are regularly used furniture so it's essential to clean and maintain them to avoid stuff piling up. The cleaning of this furniture should be done both internally and externally as we know external cleaning is easy and can be done on regular basis and it's less time-consuming. But it's also very important to give the wardrobes a thorough internal cleaning from time to time.

  • Empty your wardrobe completely
  • Start with dusting your wardrobe with a soft dry cotton cloth.
  • Dust it thoroughly to get rid of dirt.
  • And to get rid of the finger marks from the surface you can use a clean damp cloth to wipe the surface clean.
  • Avoid using excessive water to clean the surface as it will leave watermarks on it.
  • You can only use mild cleaning liquid to get rid of stubborn stains.
  • Wipe the surface of the wardrobe with dry cloth again to absorb the excess moisture from the surface.
  • Organize your belongings.