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Bedside Cabinet

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Bedside cabinets are a great partner to go alongside the bed in your bedroom. We provide enough cabinet space for you to store necessary items such as medicines or spectacles. We have designed them such that they are sleek and narrow, thereby making the bedside area look more spacious. You can also place lamps or other items such as alarm clocks and photo frames on these cabinets. These cabinets are a must for your everyday essential items. We help you structure your own bedside cabinet with loads of options. So, you can pick from a series of designs, styles, colours, and finishes to utilize your bedroom space in the best possible manner.

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Bedside Cabinet

Bedside cabinets to enhance the decor of your bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you retire after facing the challenges of the day. This is why you should pay special attention to the decor of this private space. Of course, few people visiting you will see this room, but you will see it every day. Hence you need to make your bedroom space as aesthetically appealing as you can.

The bed takes up a major part of the space of your bedroom and a well-designed bed will do wonders. However, you need to be careful to choose the other bedroom furniture as well. One important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bedside cabinet in UK which many people tend to ignore. Whether it is a slim bedside cabinet or tall bedside cabinet, this piece of furniture is truly essential in any bedroom to house your spectacles, diary, medicines and other knick knacks.

With Choice Furniture Store you will be spoilt for choice with their innovative and beautifully designed beds and exclusive bedside cabinets in white and many other colors. They have both natural wood cabinets along with the ones made of polymers. They are well designed and you can find one to go with the decor of your bedroom, no matter what theme you have used to decorate it. A small bedside cabinet next to your bed can amp up the style of your bedroom.

Choice Furniture Store has made the effort to design cabinets which are unobtrusive and yet add a great accent to your sleeping space. Of course there is the usual oak bedside cabinet, and they also have cabinets made of expensive and rare woods like walnut. The wood bedside cabinets are designed both as tables and cabinets with storage space. Ideal storage option would be the bedside cabinet with three drawers. If you do not need the extra storage space then you can choose from the range of bedside tables. These tables are handy for keeping your tea cup or water bottle or they can be turned into a decorative piece by keeping fresh or dried flowers. You can also place a photo frame or alarm clock on them.

Products from Choice furniture Store

Choice Furniture Store offers exclusive furniture accents for your bedroom space like mirrored bedside cabinet. The mirror reflects light and adds visual space to the room. This kind of cabinet is especially a good choice if you have a small bedroom. The best part is that designers have made use of mirrors in an innovative manner in angled mirrored cabinets. The play of images and light on these angled mirrors are very appealing and enhance the aesthetic beauty of the room. Of course you have to be a little careful in looking after these cabinets because any kind of rough handling can damage the glass or mirror. The mirrored cabinets also have drawers which make the storage space inside the cabinet quite easily accessible. They also provide smoked mirror cabinets which have a beauty of their own and they are available in different storage options like either a single drawer or double drawer cabinets.

If you have less space next to your bed then there is the option of slim bedside cabinet or narrow bedside cabinet. The style that the furniture store has explored to the maximum is the boho style and they have in their store boho wooden cabinets with drawers and ample storage space. They also have bedside table in the same style. These look excellent whether you have a rustic interior or even a Victorian décor. You can opt for light or dark shades of the wood which go with the interior of your bedroom. There are colored cabinets like grey bedside cabinet and black bedside cabinet, apart from the white and wood colored cabinets.

There are such innovations as a single drawer at the bottom of the cabinet which is for storage and there are two levels where you can place decorative items. If you do not have too many thing to store in the cabinet then you can opt for a single drawer cabinet. Of course there are the regular ones which have two drawers to provide more storage space. In fact there the 3 drawer bedside cabinet if you have lot of things that you would like to keep handy next to your bed.

As far as the wood bedside cabinets are concerned, you have a variety of choice like pine bedside cabinet, oak bedside cabinet. Choice super store also has used the rare and high end wood like walnut to create attractive cabinets. Then again there is a choice between the high gloss or matte finish whichever you like. The finish of the wood cabinets is also varied so that you can pick the right one that suits the décor of your bedroom.

Even the regular two drawer bedside cabinets UK available on Choice Furniture Store are designed in such a manner with small quirky but effective styling. The designers have played with form and colour in such a way that even the minimalistic cabinets look good with the slight changes to their appearance. Then again there are the handles and knobs of the drawers which have been made and added to the cabinets in such a way they prove to be an ornamentation in themselves. Some of the cabinets are made of either wood or some polymer and a simple accent of a dark glass table top is added to make them stand out.

Then there are the cabinets which have an old form of design with curved legs and ornamented tops. These will look good with an interior that has a Victorian or somewhat similar theme of bed room décor. If you have lot of things to store beside your bed, then it is a good idea to opt for a tall bedside cabinet. Some of the wood cabinets are polished which some are painted and each of them have their own advantages. You need to consider a lot before you actually go out and search for the right bedside cabinet to suit your requirements.

Needless to say with more than 1400 items to choose from you will not be lacking for choice. Just open the website of Choice Furniture Store and take a look at the cabinets on sale. Different information like the measurements of the cabinets, the material they are made from, etc. is given along with the picture of the bedside cabinet. Then again some of the cabinets are shipped assembled while others are flat packed and you have to assemble them. However, it is not difficult to assemble the cabinets and tables, so you need not worry.

Affordable cabinets

If you are looking for cheap bedside cabinets then Choice Furniture Store is your best choice. Besides offering the best in classy and exclusive furniture range, the CFS also extends a host of options in the affordable category. The designs in this category would boast of smart designs and long life, being surprisingly less in price. To further facilitate the customers the store often runs offer deals and discounts from time to time on the bedside cabinets for sale and there are the usual clearance sales in which you can get some really good deals on modern bedside cabinets among other furniture items. This can save you from burning a major hole in your pocket. This furniture store is known for its classic designs that never go out of fashion and are timeless hence even if you buy items from a clearance sale, your style statement remains uncompromised.

Should you buy according to trend?

When it comes to furniture and even a small item like a bedside table, it is always advisable to opt for evergreen designs and styles. This is so because furniture items are usually expensive and it is not advisable to keep changing it every now and then. As mentioned above the bedside cabinets are classic in their design except for some pieces so they will never go out of fashion. Hence make sure that you buy one of these cabinets which will remain by your bedside even if you make small changes to your bedroom decor from time to time, like repainting the room or changing the wall paper.

Why buy from us?

Choice Furniture Store has in a short time created an enviable reputation. They are known for the high quality furniture that they sell whether they are colourful or cream bedside cabinets. They are known for the best finishing of their products. All the wooden furniture is treated for resistance to termites and other damaging factors. At the same time, they sell branded furniture with brands like Urban Deco. The furniture sold by Choice is known for innovative design and multipurpose items, like the bedside cabinets being discussed here. Once you buy a piece of furniture from Choice then you need not worry about buying a new one for a long time.

Styling of the bedside cabinets

The big and small bedside cabinets sold by Choice furniture are already stylish so you need not worry much about the styling. However, it is understandable that people like to add their own touch to the furniture that they own. In order to style the bedside cabinets, you can place a small piece of embroidered or embellished cloth which will not only amp up the style of the cabinet, it will also prevent the table top from damage.Then again with the kind of bedside cabinets that have a single drawer at the bottom. You can add a vase of flowers on the top and in the middle part you can store some books that you like to read before going to bed.

You when it comes to bedside tables you can use your imagination and add any knick knacks like photo frames, a well-designed alarm clock and others. You can also hang puppets or other decorative items on the wall behind the cabinet. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard with the styling lest it starts interfering with the décor of the room. You can also place a thin rug under the cabinets which will add quite a lot of style to the look of the cabinet. But make sure that the colour and design of the rug match the style of the cabinet and does not interfere with its colour or design. A dark coloured rug can be of good use because it will be unobtrusive and yet add interest to the cabinet.

Maintenance of the bedside cabinets

As mentioned above the wood cabinets provided by Choice Furniture Store is treated for termite resistance. However, the process may have to be repeated at regular intervals just like all other wooden furniture. Wood bedside cabinets should be treated by professionals and it is advisable not to experiment on your own. For regular cleaning make sure that you not leave moisture on any part of the wood cabinets. At the same time, you should make sure that you clean any spills on them immediately so that they don’t cause blotches which look ungainly.

Always make sure to keep pointed and sharp objects away from the dark wood bedside cabinets, because they tend to cause scratches on the wood. Even with cabinets made of polymer you have to be careful of scratches. With the cabinets available with Choice Furniture Store, simple cleaning with a dry cotton cloth is enough to keep them looking new for a long time. You should make sure that you do not use harsh chemicals to clean the cabinets. A simple soap solution with an environment friendly detergent is enough to clean the cabinets and with the wood cabinets it will need a fresh layer of polish or paint once in a while. Maintaining bedside cabinets bought from Choice Furniture Store is hassle free and with only a little care and maintenance would last for years to come.