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Dressing Table

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Tired of those bulky dressing tables that take up room space? Switch to our compact dressing table designs and furniture solutions. We have supplemented the dressing table set with multiple drawers to help you store your accessories, including delicate jewellery and makeup items. There is enough space for you to stock all your cosmetics. You will find a wide variety of styles and colours that will help you customize the look of your bedroom. You can pair these up with our super light but durable dressing table stool made of wood and upholstery. Through our range of corner dressing tables and stools, we offer the best furniture design solutions for an ideal bedroom setup.

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Dressing Table

Dress like a lady, act like a boss,” they said. And the one piece of furniture that has been truly helping women across the world get dressed and step outside confidently is none other than the humble dressing table! Imagine a day when you have to step outside without taking a proper look at how you have dressed or how you are wearing your hair and makeup. Devastating isn’t it? Hence, needless to say, the dressing table is one of the most essential pieces of furniture you can own.

But have you ever wondered how the dressing table & chair came into existence? History suggests, the idea of a proper dressing table that can hold all your beauty and makeup products and at the same time provide you with the ease to sit and get ready was popularized in Europe in the 17th century by two women, namely, Madame de Pompadour who was the mistress of King Louis XV and Marie Antoinette who was the wife of King Louis XVI.

But before that, it was the Egyptians who had popularized the idea of carrying all their lotions, potions and other makeup products in decorative wooden vanity cases wherever they went. By the 18th century, owning a proper dressing table with a stool became a symbol of status and the term toiletries started being used synonymously with dressing tables. And if you think that a dressing table was used only by women, think again. Earlier, men had separate dressing tables that were tailored to meet their needs such as grooming and getting dressed. Dressing tables for men were mostly without any seating and were taller as they liked getting dressed while standing up. Today, the modern dressing table has evolved much in terms of design and usability and can also serve as an interesting piece of decor. Mostly placed in the bedroom, a dressing table has many more benefits than you can imagine.


Benefits of owning a dressing table


A dressing table adds functionality and style to your bedroom. But with so many varieties available in the market ranging from wooden dressing tables, mirrored dressing tables to metal ones, the choice is really a difficult one. But before we get into that topic, here are few benefits of owning one:

1. Let’s you stay organised

Getting ready for work but can’t find your favourite sunscreen lotion? We are well versed with that horror. It is quite stressful to look for things lost in the bathroom vanity or scattered in some drawer when you are already getting late for work. A dressing table can hold all of your beauty, makeup and grooming products and thus help you stay organised.

If you have too many grooming products at your service, you can go for a dressing table with drawers . This will help you store products accordingly. All your perfumes can go inside one drawer while your lipsticks can go in another. At Choice Furnitures, you can find a dressing table that suits all your requirements.

For example, if you are looking for a spacious dressing table, take a look at our Camel Nostalgia Night Walnut Italian Vanity Dresser. Complete with a stunning colonial style mirror, 8 drawers to store away all your grooming products and a pouf, this pure wood dressing table is a winner. The dimension of the dresser is W 155cm x D 41cm x H 81cm and that of the mirror is W 110cm x H 101cm. Additionally, you can also use the table as a study table.

2. Let’s you destress

As mentioned above, the dressing table helps you keep your grooming products and toiletries organised. Decluttering not only beautifies your space but also takes your stress away. You can also place some warm lights around your dressing table or place some fresh flowers to help you destress, both after a long day at work and while getting ready in the morning. A dressing table deserves to give you joy and our Frank Hudson Chic Dressing Table will surely do its part. This elegant French dressing table with stool is just what you need to give your bedroom a classic makeover. This narrow dressing table has a dimension of W 126cm x D 45cm x H 76cm making it perfect for a mid sized to large bedroom.

3. Adds to your interior design

Who said a dressing table needs to be boring? You can make it the show stopper of your bedroom by just choosing the right kind. And that also doesn’t mean you have to indulge in dressing tables that are too costly. Take a look at our Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Dressing Table with Drawer. This simple yet sophisticated solid oak dressing table has 2 drawers and has the smoothest finishing. You can place a simple vase with fresh flowers or any decorative accent of your choice to amp up its look. If you wish to own a dressing table that is minimal in terms of design yet makes a style statement, then our Birlea Urban Rustic Dressing Table and Mirror with Metal Frame is just the right choice for you. The overall design of the dressing table is edgy and rustic and the metal framing completes the wooden drawer and mirror. The dressing table has a dimension of W 84cm x D 40cm x H 150cm.

4. Serves multiple purpose

An urban home requires furniture that can serve multiple purposes. The reason being, modern day homes are smaller in terms of space yet high in functionality. We understand this need and hence have the most versatile range of dressing tables that can serve you multiple purposes. When not using your dressing table to get dressed, you can use it as a study table or even as a side console table to display decor pieces. You can also use your dressing table as a serving table when expecting guests.

If you are searching for a dressing table that can serve so many purposes, look no further. Our Tiffany Mirrored Dressing Table is the most multifaceted dressing table you can own. This mirrored table can be used in your entryway as a console table and you can place a mirror of your choice to complete the look, thereby serving dual purposes. If you don’t have enough space in your entryway, you can use it as a side table in your living space to display decor products. And lastly, you can use it in your bedroom as a dressing table cum writing desk.


Types of dressing tables


Now that you know the benefits of owning a dressing table, the next important aspect is to invest in one that suits your home decor style. Depending on various style moods, there are various dressing tables to choose from. Here is a list of popular styles available today:

  • Traditional - Traditional dressing tables are mostly made of solid wood. They add an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. Mostly, traditional dressing tables come with an attached mirror and a pouf to let you relax while getting ready. For example, our Sweet Dreams Lincoln Acacia Dressing Set is a beautiful traditional dressing table with a three-way mirror that oozes charm and grandeur. Made of solid dark acacia wood, this dressing table sure is a stunner.
  • Modern - A modern dressing table is characterized by clean clines and minimal designs. Often comes as a standalone dressing table without mirror, you can also add one to complete the set. Our Camel Giotto Night Walnut Italian Dressing Table is what every modern home deserves. Effortlessly minimal yet classy, the table can be used as a console table as well. The dressing table comes with an armchair and together, this walnut dressing table chair set is sure to make dressing up more fun and relaxing.

  • Contemporary - The greatest benefit of contemporary dressing tables are they can be customized to fit any current trend. Especially if you live in a rental with a space crunch, narrow dressing tables are a great option, like our Loft Reclaimed Pine Dressing Table. This reclaimed pine dressing table is a chic piece of furniture that can fit in well into any space. With dimensions of W 100cm x D 40cm x H 80cm, you can also use it as a study table.
  • Vintage - A vintage dressing table exudes old world charm with its distressed finish. A vintage piece is perfect when you are looking for dressing tables for girls. Take a look at our Camel Leonardo Night Italian Ivory High Gloss and Gold Vanity Dresser. This gorgeous dressing table set has an ivory high glass and gold finish which makes it a perfect furniture for the princess of your home. The intricate work on the mirror stands out and the slight distressed finish gives it a royal touch. The stool has curved legs and a golden upholstery that sets off brilliantly against the white finish. The golden cornices highlight the beauty of shell motif.

  • Rustic - Rustic dressing tables are characterized by simple lines and a raw finish ideal for cottage style homes with wooden flooring. Rustic dressing tables don’t occupy much space and are perfect for rental homes much like our Camel Maia Night Sand Birch Italian Round Vanity Dresser. A multifunctional dresser that can be used as a vanity in the bedroom or even as a console table in your entrance. This white dressing table has an oval shape with soft rounded edges made with brilliant craftsmanship. The Sand and silver birch gloss finish will imbibe a warm atmosphere to your bedroom and is a must have. The dresser has dimensions of W 101cm x D 53cm x H 81cm and the Pouf is Dia 42cm x H 46cm.
  • Oriental - The next dressing table style is an oriental style that is mostly common in Asian homes. Excellent detailing and intricate designs are an integral part of an oriental dressing table. Take a look at our Arredoclassic Sinfonia Walnut Italian 6 Drawer Dressing Table. This brilliant piece of craftsmanship will definitely make you feel like an Asian princess. Featuring 6 drawers, this dresser has delicate golden work all over its body. A walnut wood body compliments the golden paint making it stand out.

Knowing which style of dressing table you are going to purchase is very important as it should match your bedroom decor style and that of your house overall. With a plethora of dressing table ideas to experiment from, you can choose the one that speaks your taste and style the best.

But before you purchase one, there are a few things you must consider before hastily making a purchase.


Things to consider before buying a dressing table


The vanity is the most essential part of a woman’s daily routine. From an easy access to grooming necessities to keeping you organised, a good vanity can do a lot. But how do you know which one to choose? Here is a guide to help you with just that.

1. Space - The first and foremost thing to consider is the space of your bedroom. For those who have ample space in their bedrooms, you can pick a large dressing table that will fill in the bedroom. But if you are someone who has space crunch, a great option is choosing a dressing table that is narrow yet functional.

2. Storage - Another aspect to keep in mind is the storage space of your dressing table depending on the number of grooming products and accessories you own. For someone who has just a few lotions and potions, you wouldn’t require too much storage space to store them and hence can opt for dressing tables with a single or double drawer. But if you have a huge collection of makeup, watches, jewellery, for example, you will need a dressing table that can help you organise everything in one place. Therefore, ideally, you should go for a dressing table with a lot of storage space built in.

3. The mirror - If you are purchasing a vanity with mirror, it is the most important aspect to consider. If you love applying makeup on a daily basis, you would want your mirror to provide good reflections and hence a dressing table mirror with lights is a great option. You should also go for a bigger/longer mirror that will help you look at yourself after you have dressed.

Also, important to remember is the style of the mirror. Especially if you are going to purchase the mirror separately. Keep in mind the fact that it should blend in well with the dressing table. For example, if you have purchased a white distressed vanity, a black rimmed mirror can break the look.

4. Lighting - This is another aspect, that is most of the time, unconsciously ignored by us. A dressing table, no matter how good and costly it is won’t serve the purpose if there is a lack of proper lighting in your room. Hence, it is important to determine if your bedroom receives sufficient natural light during the day. If not, you can always go for a dressing table with mirror and lights that will compensate for the lack of light in your room. In case your dressing table doesn’t have light fixtures, you can purchase a LED strip and get a little DIY done!

5. Material - The next point is choosing the right material of the dressing table. The kind of material and its type is also important to determine its longevity and the amount of care it will require. If you are interested in a wooden dressing table, look for ones that are made of pure wood like mango wood or mahogany. If you are someone who has a busy schedule, an upcycled wood vanity or a mirror dressing table that requires minimal care would be ideal.

6. Features - A dressing table with great features is a match made in heaven. Hence, it is important to look for features according to your requirements. If you have a lot of products, you might prefer a vanity with multiple drawers and if you already have a bathroom vanity and just need a mirror to dress up, you can go for a console table cum dressing table that will serve you dual purpose.

7. Size - Last but not the least is the size of the dressing table. Check the dimensions of your bedroom or the area where you will be placing the vanity. Also, check the size of the dressing table before purchasing.

Now that you know all aspects of choosing the right dressing table for you, the next question is, where can you get your dream dressing table? We are here to answer just that for you. At Choice Furniture, we have the largest variety of dressing tables for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a dressing table for kids or a pine dressing table, a black dressing table or a grey dressing table, we have it all. Here are some reasons why purchasing a dressing table from Choice Furniture is the best decision you will make:


Why Choice Furniture


What started as a single employee company in the year 2005, Choice Furniture has today gained popularity as the most loved furniture store in the UK. With thousands of styles and all the latest designs at your disposal, Choice Furniture Superstore never fails to impress. Added to that are few features that make Choice Furniture the number one choice for all kinds of furniture:

  • Multiple brands to choose from. You can also find all your favourite brands here.
  • Multiple filters to choose from like type, material, no of drawers, features, shape, assembly etc,
  • Full description of the products on display
  • Great discounts. You can avail coffee tables on sale on your website.
  • Product quality
  • Largest collection in UK
  • Easy and hassle free delivery

Materials used

We use the highest quality material in all our dressing tables. Our dedicated team of artisans and craftsmen curate the most perfect piece of furniture for your home. All the wood used in making our dressing tables is high quality mango, mahogany, pine and oak wood. The mirrored dressing tables are made of good quality scratch resistant mirrors that are easy to care for.

Styling Tips

Did you think that your dressing table is just furniture to store away your grooming essentials? Not quite right! You can deck up your dressing table to look like a million dollars. Wondering how? Here are some tips:

  • Go with symmetry - A dressing table needs to be placed in such a way that your bedroom looks complete. This is the case with especially large dressing tables. You can also maintain the symmetry of a dressing table by placing an artwork on the wall adjacent to the table if there is no mirror attached to it.
  • Use trays - Trays are your best friend to keep the dressing table decluttered. Place daily wear objects like neckpieces, earrings, perfumes or watches on a tray. You can even place a tall vase with fresh or artificial flowers along with the accessories to finish the look.

  • Use accents - Other than trays, you can use various decor accents to amp up the space. A great way to brighten up the space is by using a lamp shade.
  • Mirrors and more mirrors - Even if you have an attached mirror with your vanity, you can always keep a small stand mirror to make the space look bigger as more mirrors reflect more light.
  • Use ample lighting - Use as much lighting as possible to spruce up the dressing area. You can also add bright lighted bulbs to give your dressing table the look and feel of a royal vanity.
  • Use pretty containers - This is a clever hack to beautifully display your knick knacks and at the same time keep them organised. Use cute looking miss matched containers to create a pretty display.


Handling instructions


With a pretty dressing table adorning your bedroom, you sure want it to keep looking great for years. But just how do you do that? Every material demands a different care routine and it is important to keep a few tips handy:

  • Keep your dressing table decluttered. The main function of your dressing table is the help you arrange all your grooming essentials, jewellery and makeup products. But it is also important to keep the vanity clean. Wipe off the surface after every use as powders or lotions might drop unknowingly and stain the surface. Always use a clean microfiber or lint free cloth to clean the furniture.
  • Don't let any kind of stain sit for long. Wipe off any liquid that accidentally spills on the table surface with a clean cloth.
  • Don’t hit the surface with sharp or hard metals or objects.
  • Keep the mirrors clean by wiping them regularly with a clean lint free cloth and soapy water. Avoid sticking anything in the mirror.

Now that you know everything about purchasing the perfect dressing table for your room, go ahead and get yourself one!