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End Table

3 great reasons to buy End Table from us - UK’s Best Brands, Lowest Prices and 24 X 7 Support!

Small end tables form a very important part of modern day furniture. They are best to place your everyday items such as newspapers and magazines. We have a wide range of small end tables to suit your needs and styles. They help you optimally organize spaces within the living room setup. These tables serve as side tables and have clever storage space to store everyday items. The tables are available in round or square shapes, depending upon how you want to connect it with rest of the furniture in your living room. Furthermore, you can use these end tables to place decorative items like lamps or candles as well.

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End Table

The way you decorate your home speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. The basic thumb rule of home decor is using furniture that becomes the focal point of any room. For example, the bed in a bedroom, sofa in the living room and a dining table in the dining space. But, while these central furniture are the heart and soul of your home, the most overlooked pieces of furniture like a small side table binds the whole home together. Besides that, these little pieces of furniture can infuse a whole lot of style into any nook or corner they are placed in. Hence, they deserve a lot of attention and importance. And Choice Furniture brings to you a world of beautiful side tables for your living space, bedroom and more. Our side tables UK have the most unique designs and there is a piece for everyone to take home. Side tables, other than being just a beautiful addition to your home decor, serve many practical purposes as well.

For example, you can accentuate the look of your reading corner simply by adding a small side table and placing a vase of fresh flowers. And while not reading, you can place your book on the table. See why bedside tables are so important? If you are yet not convinced, here are few reasons that surely will make you think otherwise.


Why are bedside tables so important?


While doing your home, you need to look at various aspects of it. From furnishing and decor to lighting and much more, everything needs to be carefully looked at to make your home inviting and warm. Hence, it is important to select your furniture that seamlessly binds the entire space together. Side tables, as mentioned above, are the most versatile pieces of furniture that do the work of beautifying a space and at the same time serves many practical purposes. Hence, their importance can’t be undermined.


Below are few reasons why side tables are so important:


1. They bring freshness to any space

Side tables can be added to any room or any corner and it instantly amps up the vibe of that space. They can bring about a new element into the room. Our Urban Deco Aurora Side Table is a great piece of furniture that sets the tone for a more polished and classy living space. This side table for living room has a brown marble finish and a stainless steel bronze base. This table is a perfect accompaniment for an ottoman or lounge chair in your living room and all you need to do is place a pretty lighting to make the space brighter.

2. Helps you stay organized

Tables, of any kind, be it an end table, side table or even a study table, helps you stay organized by letting you store away things you need on a regular or not-so-regular basis. A side table with storage also helps you keep away stuff like the TV remote, magazines, car keys or any other stationary that you don’t want lying around in your house. Take a look at our Urban Deco Antoinette Mirrored Telephone Table. For example. This mirrored side table in all its prettiness, is also a much functional table. It has a drawer and two shelves. You can place your TV remote, car keys or any other small articles that tend to get lost inside the drawers while the shelves can be used to display art works and decor pieces.

3. Brings a touch of modernity to your home

Investing on a side table is the best way to add an upscale vibe to your homes. You might not want to purchase a pair of bedside tables but a single side table for bedroom can make the space look so much more bonded and elegant. This is further applicable for small apartments where you want to retain the aesthetics while maintaining minimalism at the same time. Take a look at our Urban Deco Carrera White Marble Round Lamp Table. This stunning white marble side table can be a beautiful addition to your bedroom. The table features a solid marble table top in white and grey veining’s and the bottom is also made of solid white marble which makes this side table a beauty. All you need to do is place a vase with some fresh greens and a lamp and you have a pretty corner in your bedroom, just like that!

4. Introduces a lot of texture to any space

The key to pepping up a space is to introduce lots of interplaying textures into it. A modern side table can do that effortlessly. You can choose from dark wood side tables to mirrored side tables to enhance the vibe of your room. You can even use an upholstered side table or a combination of tall and small ones to create a balanced texture.

5. Adds a structural element

Apart from adding texture, side tables can add definition and structure to a boring room or a space where everything is monochromatic. You can choose from a round side table or a rectangular side table that will blend in with straight lines in your room.

6. You can use them outside your homes too

Modern side tables can be designed in a way that they can serve as a mini coffee table too when you are not using them plainly for decor. You can use rustic side tables as part of your lawn or outdoor seating decor too. See how versatile this little furniture is?

Now that you know why side tables are an important part of your furniture cluster, there are few aspects or factors you need to look at before buying one.


What to look for in a bedside table before buying one


Clearly, side tables are the unsung heroes of your home. From the bedroom, living room, dining space and even the entryway or lounge, they spruce up the space like no other furniture can do. While picking out the perfect side table for your home might seem like an easy task, it can get quite overwhelming to shop from a plethora of styles, materials, shapes and sizes.


Here is a list of factors you need to keep in mind before stepping out for side table hunting:


1. Style

The first and foremost category is style. There are so many different styles of side tables to choose from, that the task of choosing the right one for your home can actually become quite daunting. Here’s looking at various styles for every kind of home:

  • Traditional- Traditional side tables give a sense of timeless appeal. Generally made using high quality wood, traditional tables feature intricate designs on the legs and even on the table top sometimes. The best way to style them is using a traditional lampshade and some fresh flowers.
  • Modern- Modern styles empathize on clear lines and minimal designs. They blend a sense of style and comfort all into one. Take a look at our Urban Deco Prism Side Table. This classic glass top side table has rose gold metal finish in the legs, which is characteristic of modern side tables. You can usually find marble, metal and neutral colored finishing in modern side table designs.
  • Mid-century modern- Mid-century modern styles depict clean lines, grainy textures and soft curves. Most modern homes today feature mid-century modern style furniture made of warm wood or marble.
  • Transitional style- As the name denotes, a transitional style blends both traditional styles and modern contemporary elements. You might want a side table with storage or want a simple four legged rustic side table, it all depends on the space you want to put together.

2. Size

The next and the most important aspect is the size of the side table. Whether you want a narrow side table or a small side table, depends on the kind of space you have. For a smaller apartment, you can go for a round side table or a glass side table, that will make the space look bigger. And for a big space, you can buy multiple side tables and create a cluster.

3. Height

The height of the side table is also important. Too long a table will make the space appear out of symmetry and too small the height will not bring out its aesthetics. Ideally, if you are buying a side table for your living room, it should be within 2 inches of your sofa’s arm height.

The same rule applies for your bedroom as well. The height of a standard sofa ranges from 24 to 32 inches. So, you can measure the height of the side table accordingly. In case you have a lounge chair without arms, you can always go for side tables that are shorter in height.

4. Shape

You can get a side table in every possible shape you can imagine. Of course, many abstract shapes have to be customized. But there is no denying the fact that side tables look great in any shape. You can never go wrong with a round side table. It looks fabulous in any space. For bringing an element of balance to your room, you can opt for square or oval side tables. The best part about plonking a side table in any corner is that you don’t need to worry much about styling it. Pretty much any piece of decor or even a simple lamp shade would look great.

5. Functionality

Last but not the least is the functionality of the table. Owning a furniture that serves you multiple purposes is the best thing ever. And side tables too can be utilized to store, display or be used as a coffee table. If you prefer side tables with storage, you can buy side tables with drawers or with multiple shelves. This way you can store away magazines, remotes, games and tablets and display beautiful decor pieces on the shelves.

With so many types of side tables to choose from, the next question that might pop in your mind is, how to use side tables creatively? Well, here are some tips for you


Creative ways to use side tables


The main purpose of side tables was to serve tea and coffee. Over time, these little pieces of furniture evolved to serve multiple purposes. If you thought, side tables are only pretty furniture accessories, here are some amazing creative ways to use side tables. You can thank us later!

  • Use them as a bookshelf- A great way to use rectangular side tables with shelves is to use them to stack books. And there you have a mini book station all for yourself. If you want, you can do the same on a bedside table or on your side table for lounge.
  • Use it in your bathroom- If you have a sprawling bathroom to flaunt, deck it up further with a rustic side table or a silver side table. You can use the side tables to place neatly wrapped up towels, lotions, plants, books and magazines and much more. Even if you have a tiny bathroom space, you can style a small side table and place some greens to make your space look lively.
  • Use side tables to balance out a room- Have a queen sized bed with ample space around? Use a pair of similar side tables on each side of your bed to create a symmetry. You can also place similar looking lampshades on both the tables to create a cozy warm vibe.
  • Use it as an extra space under your desk- We are always running out of space when it comes to storing things in our office. A great way to store away those extra files and stationeries is by installing a small side table under your desk. Just make sure that you measure it out properly so that you have enough leg space.
  • Use it as a makeshift bar- Fancy a tiny movable bar? Opt for a side table with wheels and shelves. Style it using your favorite drinks and there you have your very own makeshift bar!
  • Use it solely to display your green babies- A great way to style and use a side table is to display live plants. Place your greens or fresh flowers in a tall vase. This also creates the illusion of a taller table.
  • Use it as a coffee table- Don’t want to invest on a coffee table? A side table has you covered. You can use them as coffee tables when you have friends and family coming over.
  • Upholster it to use it as a leg rest- Yes, you can do that as well! Buy a small side table and get it upholstered in your favorite fabric and use it as a foot rest while you are watching TV or reading a magazine.

Hope that broadened the horizon and limitation of how side tables can be used in your homes. Now that you have learnt about that, you can choose from a wide range of side tables available at Choice Furniture. But why Choice Furniture you ask? Here is why.


Why Choice Furniture


Choice Furniture brings to you the most sophisticated and the most stunning furniture for your homes. Our side tables come in a variety of shapes, size and materials. Using only the best quality raw materials in the market to handcraft our products, our side tables are durable, stylish and one of a kind.

At Choice Furniture, you can get your side tables customized as per your requirements as well. We have a piece for every home. While our stores have a huge collection on display, our online store has a bigger collection, some of which can be made to order. In addition to that, now you can select from a wide array of filters which makes your search easier.

Here are some of our top features that sets us apart from the rest in the market:

  • Now find all your best furniture brands in the UK, all at one place. You can easily filter out the brand you like and get that side table delivered at your doorstep
  • Multiple filters to choose from like brands (as mentioned above), material, storage, size and shape
  • Know the exact size specification of the products before purchasing them
  • Also, we let you know which materials have been used in the making of each product
  • You can avail great discounts on side tables
  • Assured product quality
  • Can get your furniture assembled or flat packed, your choice
  • Largest collection in UK
  • Easy and hassle free delivery

Materials used

All our side tables are made of high quality materials sourced from the best places. We try to create products that are sustainable, fashionable and that suit your special space. Our wooden side tables are made from oak wood, mahogany, mango and pine wood. The metal side tables are made from stainless steel and wrought iron. We also use engineered marble, MDF and raisins to curate our stunning side tables.

Styling Tips

With the right kind of styling, you can completely change the look of a furniture and bring out its natural beauty. A simple side table, that is often overlooked as a simple table, is actually a very important piece of furniture and if styled the right way, can add oodles of charm to any corner. Keeping these styling tips handy can help with adorning your side tables in different ways every day.

  • Vases- Tall vases lend such a timeless appeal to a space. Especially if you have a small side table, using a longish vase with fresh flowers can totally transform the table. It will give the illusion of a taller table, which in turn creates a beautiful symmetry.
  • Lampshade- Use a signature lampshade and you won’t need anything else to style your side table. The right kind of lampshade can even turn the most boring side table into a central piece. For a darker background, you can choose a metal based lamp shade with gold or silver finish. The same applies for your bedroom as well. If you have two side tables, you can place two table lamps to create a balance
  • Flowers (faux or real)-The simplest and the most elegant way to spruce up a space is by using flowers. If you have access to natural ones, you can use them by properly cutting the stems and dipping them in water. In case you are using artificial ones, remember to keep them clean.
  • Photo frames- A great way to use your side tables is to display your family pictures. Stack up multiple frames in a decreasing order to make them look symmetrical.
  • Candles- To lend a warm vibe to your home, place candles of varying height together.


Handling instructions


A furniture lasts years if cared for properly. However, every material demands a different kind of care. Here is a list of care instructions that will help you maintain your furniture for years:

  • Always keep the surface of the side table clean. Use a lint free cotton cloth to clean the table top.
  • Don’t use bleach or harsh detergents to wipe off surfaces, especially glass, wood and marble table tops. Use only commercial ones meant for that particular material.
  • Don’t place any heavy object on glass top side tables.
  • Avoid hitting the surface with heavy objects or scratching them
  • If using the side table as coffee tables, always use a placement mat
  • Avoid spilling any hot liquid. If spillage occurs, wipe off immediately

At Choice Furniture, you can avail great seasonal discounts on your favorite side table. What are you waiting for? Bring home your perfect sofa companion today.