Want to redecorate your home but budget creating hiccups? Here are 10 do-it-yourself home décor ideas that you can do on a shoestring budget to give your home a stunning makeover.

1 - Add stylish furniture
Furniture can liven up a dull looking space. Pop in an antique sofa or a spacious couch to fill up your blank and empty living room space. Do not forget to match the colour of the furniture with your living room colour theme.

2 - Pop in some paintings
A couple of beautiful paintings hanging from random places in your home can definitely lighten your mood and appreciate life in a better way. Paintings have a soothing effect. If you are worried of the spending, just get some inexpensive replica prints from online stores.

3 - Add some style to open storages
Open spaces are the best places where you can let your imagination wild with ideas. Add some spice using colours or hues that will camouflage the empty space look. Wine cellars and living room sets can also be customized to your taste with great colour choices.

4 - Add gild to your wall paint
Gild can make your home glow with style. Add a double layer of gild to your bedroom interiors and living room sides to give your home a full glow like feel. Gild paint and bedroom mirrors together will make your bedroom look like a starlit place full of radiance.


5 - Change the curtains
If you happen to have large windows in your living room and bedroom, cover them up with fancy curtains. There are plenty of curtain styles available in the market each with its own level of elegance that can make your interiors look stylish.

6 - Add some mood lighting
Lighting can liven up your interior space in a grand manner. If you can spend some extra bucks on mood lighting kits, there is no better way to add style and grace to your home. Pick from a variety of lighting settings like party, dinner, romantic date, lunch and more.

7 - Use a towel rod to hang utensils
Managing utensils is perhaps one of the most difficult chores for a homemaker. They are noisy, often fall and break adding to the agony of keeping the kitchen neat and debris free. But by doubling a towel rod as a utensil holder you can easily save space in your kitchen and turn your cooking chore into a breeze through.


8 - A drum near your bed to keep stuff
Having a stand or a small table near your bed is going to be a lifesaver. Forget dropping or crushing your precious mobile or reading glass under the bed by converting an old drum into a storage stool near your bed.

9 - Turn old worn out tires into corner stools
Corners can be a difficult place to place furniture. They are tiny in space but essentially need something where one can sit down and relax. Next time when you are going to change tires for your car, don’t dispose of them, instead paint them and give them a makeover to be used as corner side stools.

10 - Reuse drapes as bed skirts
Drapes once torn in corners or random places become useless. Not necessarily so, if you can convert them into bed skirts. Cut off those portions where there are stains or tear and make a straight piece of bed skirt that will add beauty to your bedding.

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