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Bedrooms accommodate many of your daily usable items including clothes (in wardrobes) and TVs (in media units) among others requirements and entertainers. It is also the only place on earth where you can unwind and relax to the extreme. A bedroom can be beautified and changed through many different ways. You can add a splash of colours, bring in new furniture such as the Willis & Gambier bedroom furniture range which is marvellous to say the least. Alter the home lights to make them more soothing. Bedroom can be altered and beautified in multiple styles so that you love its versatile functionality and eye-pleasing texture. Here we bring to you some of the best ideas for decorating your bedroom by adding to it more life and colours.

Willis & Gambier

1. Use Calming and Relaxing Colours
The bedroom is the place where you take a retreat after a long day and recharge yourself for the next. Hence, they should be painted in colours that infuse tranquillity in the living space. Try the misty blues, calming greens and beiges that have a wonderful soothing effect on your senses. The areas that have the highest impact on senses are the floors and the walls. Bright colour beddings make you more attentive and disrupt your sleep. Avoid these colours and instead opt for simple coloured beddings (better if they are dark). Add texture and warmth by using the woollen blankets and fur throws.

2. Choose a Theme
You can make the bedroom look and feel just like the way you want it. The country-vibe theme helps you to forget the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Use a pale yellow paint for making the walls look bright and sunny. Decorate with the timeless photographs of landscapes and sceneries. Use the sturdy and lasting oak, walnut or other wooden furniture that is designed and created to last and is also light. Willis and Gambier is the best source of premium and high quality home and bedroom furniture. The room should not look dowdy and old fashioned and even if you go for the classic design, try to include antique touches in the form of curvy and elegant nightstands and delicate and exquisite chandelier.

Willis & Gambier

3. Nautical or Sky
Colours that relate to natural settings and environment are always soothing to the eyes and relax senses. Both sky and oceans have the pale soft blue colour that provides you a great natural living experience. Paint the walls in the colour, keep the floors simple and raw and use the weathered furniture pieces to have a timeless and rustic living experience.

4. Bold
If you want to provide a bold aesthetic pattern to your bedroom, use the bold wallpapers in the form of all round coverings or accent walls. Search for the duvet quilts that have similar bold coloured patterns to complement and magnify the look. Colours including oranges, blues, yellows and reds are bright and give your bedroom distinctive and defining statement.

5. Intimate Oasis
The bedroom is closest to your personality and style and the living space for refuge and peace knows you better than other home areas. The private part of the home is the place where you can carve inspiration for yourself in the form of design elements and bold and big splashy arts. The theme does not work well in other home areas as it is just for you.

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