The kitchen can be considered as the heart of every home. That is why a proper facelift of this area of the house remains a matter of huge priority and concern for the house owners. Also, if the house is up for sale, then a proper up gradation can increase the value as well as the appeal of the residence which surely will provide higher dividends in the resale value. Now to upgrade, nobody wants to break the bank, which is why the simple do it yourself ideas are so popular. These renovation techniques generate less cost, but are equally effective in enhancing the look of the kitchen area.

Kitchen Furniture

1) Change the Hardware
One of the best ways to upgrade the look of the kitchen area is by installing new hardware, faucet and fixtures. There are several options in the market like chrome finish, bronze or the glass-look knobs which can add a classy, sleeker and sophisticated look to the kitchen décor.

2) Enhanced Lighting
The lighting fixtures can often be the reason for the dull and dingy look of the kitchen. Most of the older homes have an outdated lighting arrangement which can be a real pain to the eyes. So another quick and pocket-friendly way to enhance the look of the kitchen is by installing some fashionable and designer lights in the kitchen. For suggestions, one can take the help of the local store lighting expert to get the best ideas.

3) Colour It Up
A whole new look for the kitchen can be fetched by just using the magic of colours. Colours are cheap, and it can do wonders. Painting in the kitchen area can be done in two ways, either by painting it fully or by highlighting the kitchen top and the cabinets with a fresh coat of bright colours. The process of repainting is extremely easy as one just needs to sand the surface, remove the spots and apply the preferred paint. After the same is done, some coats of polyurethane are always better to get a better and elegant finish.

4) Change the Kitchen Backsplash
An ugly backsplash can surely destroy the elevated look of the kitchen area so an important initiative would be to change the backsplash. One of the easiest, quicker ways of changing the look of backsplash is by using tile decals which have adhesive to be pasted over the existing ones. There are several styles and colours available so as suit the various requirements of the homeowners.

Kitchen Furniture

5) Added Storage
The most common problem faced by every kitchen is in storage. Almost every kitchen has a scarcity of space, and that is why an initiative to increase the storage space will reduce the clutter as well as make it tidier and neat. This can be done by using racks and shelves to separate the smaller and larger utensils for easy access.

In conclusion, renovating a kitchen essentially depends on the creative ideas one can implement. However, all ideas do not need huge expenses or professional intervention as some DIY ideas can also decorate the kitchen area beautifully.

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