Do you feel the unavailability of space in your kitchen? Do you feel it has become a perplexing place with the unlimited accessories, cook pots, pans, kitchen appliances and numerous other things making navigation a trouble? Well, it’s the ideal time to show some creativity with innovative ideas that will help in utilising every nook and corners of the room and solve the kitchen dilemma at its best. The aim is to maximise the storage space and increase efficiency, make it useful as well as beautiful. To help in this activity here are 6 best storage designs that can be implemented for great results.

Circular Lazy Susan
Ideally the best organiser, the circular Lazy Susan comes with a number of shelves varying from 3-4 depending on the space. It is ideal furniture to store in small utensils since the shelves rotate providing easy access. The shelves can be a splendid fit in those cranky corners of the kitchen or can be mounted over two cabinets for a beautiful look.

Hanging Pot Racks
An innovative and unique styling is the kitchen can be fetched with the hanging pot racks. The hangings racks are usually made of wrought iron, with ornamental designs that elevate the aesthetics of the kitchen. The racks provide functionality at its best with the ample space for storing pots and pans and the same can be hung with a chain on one side of the kitchen.

Kitchen Cart
An absolute unparallel addition to the kitchen for the best storage facility is the kitchen cart. Being convenient on wheels this piece of kitchen furniture may not be very glamorous, but it provides a lot of space with the movable shelves and the broad cabinets that makes space for wide range of goods from cookbooks to the expensive appliances. Though kitchen carts are available in many styles but the wooden ones are the best in terms of beauty and durability.


Bakers Rack
Bakers Rack has the immense versatility that makes it an ideal addition to all kinds of kitchen décor. Being available in various materials, from glass to wooden finish and in multiple designs, these racks are ideal to save space for storage.

Under sink drawer
This is an excellent space to utilise in storing the cleaning supplies. The deep cabinet can serve as the ideal hidden space for all those soap sponges and sprays that are best kept hidden.

Pullout Pantry organiser
For all those people who does not have space for a walk-in pantry, this serves as an excellent option to store in all those supplies in a perfect orderly manner. It can be ideally paired with a detailed top to bottom door racks for the smaller cans and boxes. It not only helps to keep all in an orderly manner but also helps in providing easy access.

In conclusion, it may be stated that having proper kitchen storage is a matter of convenience. These ideas may look good, but it is best to design the same as per your handiness and how you want your kitchen to look. 

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