Almost every homemaker knows that it is easy to cut costs by preparing Christmas dishes and appetisers at home on their own. But, what about the other preparations for Christmas? Gifts, furniture, inviting guests, arranging entertainment, the list is endless. So is the expense which often leaves hardly anything for the oncoming New Year celebrations. Here are some effective ways to decorate your home for Christmas without reducing your bank balance to a bare minimum.

Pep up your dining room and living room furniture
Christmas tree décor can add charm and beauty to your celebration. But when it comes to decorating furniture, there are very few options left for a homemaker. But wrapping drapes and a cute bow around your dining chairs is going to add sparkle to your dining room. Tie some Christmas tree balls, stars and bow to make the furniture look even more charming. For the living room, you can put nice cushions on the sofa and stuff your coffee table with interesting decorative pieces.

Warm and Impressive Christmas Home

Throw in some lanterns to bring in some cheerful light
Candles within boxes and crystal vases have a unique charm of their own. Not only do they spread light but also create a warm and impressive stance for any corner of your room, effortlessly. The cost – hardly few dollars! 

Experiment with colours and hues
There is no official ruling that red and green should be the only colours used for Christmas celebration. Go wild with your creativity to incorporate a number of other colours and shades like lavender blue, pink, ivory white, etc. while setting up the décor.

A banner for your fireplace
Banners are long forgotten as Christmas décor. It was in the vintage years that triangle cut paper banners were widely used as décor for the fireplace, dining table and even in the living room. Add a blast from the past with attractive banners that can be easily made from discarded papers and paint in different colours with your own personal message.

Bringing nature to your indoors
Christmas is all memories about snow, pines and pine trees. Well, you cannot bring in the snow, but you definitely can add some beauty to your home by bringing in some décor made of pine cones and other natural elements.

Set up an ornament wall
If you happen to have a plain wall that badly is in need of some décor, let Christmas be the best opportunity to do it. All you need to decorate your wall to perfect beauty is some ribbon, décor or ornaments and tape. Mix and match ornaments until they look clumsy yet adorable on the wall. Stock them to some ribbons or fancy threads with glitter to give your plain looking wall a beauty makeover. You can also place a decorative mirror at one corner that can add a unique appeal in the entire decor.

A collage of old Christmas cards
Wondering what to do with all those old Christmas cards sleeping in your vault box? Pull them out; spread them together, side by side on a poster size chart paper to make an impressive collage. Remind and think of those good memories that will kindle a joy in you when you see the cards.

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