Having proper storage space in the living room is a significant thing. This is because every living area requires a place to store items. Storage furniture is needed to help keep your things in an organised manner. If you own a small living room and you have lack of space for storage furniture, you need not worry as there are many innovative ways by which you can add more storage space to your living place.

3 Bentley Designs Oslo Walnut Living Room Package

Contemporary wall unit

Modern-day wall units have a sleek design and usually float above the floor, which makes us feel that these can only store TVs. This is a mere misconception! These wall units utilise the wall space for an attractive storage area for all your peripherals. There are also front cabinets provided in which you can store your essentials properly.

Wood and Leather remote Caddy

It is not important that the storage should always be big, even the smaller storage unit for storing small things works out well. Caddy is one such small storage unit which helps cut down on the living room clutter. Caddy is useful to store your remote, glasses, magazine in the pockets. Even you can use the tray to embrace your drink and snacks while relaxing and watching TV.

Storage bench

A multifunctional storage bench can be placed in your bedroom, living room, and in a kids’ room. However, it does not occupy much space! It is long and narrow which can accommodate many essentials and besides, it can be used for sitting purpose.

Ottoman with coffee table

The ottoman with coffee table is one of the most creative ideas you can have for your living room. This double duty furniture can be used for sitting purpose; it can also be used to hold coffee/tea/other drinks and snacks to give a warm welcome to your guests.

Cocktail table

This cocktail table will be an elegant addition to the houses having a lack of space! This beautiful cocktail table can be used for storage purpose. Moreover, it can be placed as a centre table in your living room by placing some decorative pieces on it!


A beautiful chaise can be used as an accent piece for any room! It includes a hidden storage unit, which is made to store throws, magazines, blankets and other things that occupy the space of your living room!

Coffee table with storage

Attend your guests warmly by serving them some snacks and coffee on the well-made coffee table! The storage unit attached to a coffee table can be used to store newspapers, books, and other such essentials.

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