Bit of time, imagination and steps are required to brighten up the appearance of your bedroom! We are always carried away by the photographs we see in magazines, books, advertisements and so on but we lack that confidence of beautifying our room in the same way or in a way that would make it look stunning! To offer an authentic and attractive appeal we need to undertake some research and should dig out some innovative ideas that will help us in decorating our bedroom in the best way ever!

7 steps to a beautifully styled bedroom

Bedroom is the only place where a person will spend most of his or her leisure time. It should be designed in a way that would ooze out simplicity and a great comfort zone. Selecting proper bedroom furniture will certainly help you design your bedroom elegantly. Here we shall list down some of the important things to make your bedroom appear splendid.

Selection of bed: We can say that bed is a major thing in any bedroom and it is called as the centre of attraction for any bedroom. The very first thing that will be noticed entering a bedroom would be the bed. Hence it is essential to select an appropriate bed for your room. It is significant to purchase the bed that will complement the size of your room. It should be compact yet well-designed that would offer an enthralling appeal to your room. To make it more customized you can look upon the type of wood and finish used in it!

Headboard: This is a cool idea of a creative mind! You can have them soft & tufted, or a brilliantly carved wooden headboard or other creative decors that can rock your bedroom with light-up headboard. You can also drape your headboard with your choice of tapestry and a curtain rod to add a canopy touch to your bed.

The Walls:  The colour of the walls should blend with the colours of your furniture. Gorgeous textures and the beautifully placed indoor plants can enhance the look of your bedroom. Get the inspiration to create a novel idea and revamp your room with mural paintings or decorate them with innovative art designs!

The Curtains: The tapestry of a bedroom must be rich and flowing to maintain a hierarchy with the decor of the room. You can make the bedroom a dark and cosy place or let in the sunny light to boost your day!

Sliding wardrobes: These days, people are preferring sliding door wardrobes over hinged ones. The reason behind it is the fact that the sliding wardrobes consume less of space when compared to the other types! Since wardrobe is essential for any bedroom, it is important to look on its style and design properly. There are different types of sliding wardrobes available like wooden sliding wardrobes, Glass sliding wardrobes and mirrored sliding wardrobes. These wardrobes are easy to use and are high on maintenance.

Bedside Table: The simplicity and the exuberant craftsmanship of a bedside table can create wonders with a lamp on it or an ornamental photo frame. This piece of furniture occupies minimal space but lends an appealing profile to the room!

Chest of Drawers:  The chest of drawers is a perfect storage that suits you and your space. A perfect place to store your garments that are not hung in a wardrobe! Place a lamp or a mirror to give it a creative touch.

Other essentials for bedroom: Apart from bed and wardrobe, other small furniture pieces are needed in the bedroom like narrow bedside table, small stool and so on. It is recommended to install the required furniture in your bedroom or else it would leave no free space and would make it look messy and take away its charm.

The above mentioned things list down all the furniture pieces that are needed in any bedroom. Before you start decorating your room, the initial thing on which you should concentrate is deciding on the colour theme. It should be on a lighter tone including the hues of yellow, white and green. To make your room appear striking and unique, put on some fascinating wall décor on empty walls of your room. Spruce up the look of windows by decorating them with curtains having light or subtle designs! Make sure that you do not make your bedroom appear dark as it does not look alluring. Furniture pieces of lighter tones should be bought with the light colour theme!

Get set to welcome the new look of your room and get ample of compliments for your choice of design and creativity exhibited in embellishing your bedroom. 

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