2nd May 2016 will be remembered by every citizen of United Kingdom especially by the people of Leicester who saw their favourite Leicester Football Club’s triumph in the final. The struggle almost kept all glued to their televisions – losing sleep over it and getting jitters as the game advanced. The bars and pubs were packed with Leicester’s fans, who minutely followed each goal and move of the players. The euphoric victory was the beginning of celebration that saw people pouring out on the street displaying their immense excitement and joy - their hometown win! 

Leicester City Football Club

Football fans around the globe were actively interactive on various sites, keeping counts of the historic moment that was to take place. The highly electrifying situation subsided with a 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Tottenham. The final whistle was the much awaited win for Leicester City Football Club that had been anxious to be crowned as the Premier League Champions since 132 years.

Leicester City Football Club is a professional club that is based in Leicester, United Kingdom. Debuted in 1884, they graduated gradually from Leicester Fosse Football Club that played at Foss to be recognised as a Football League in 1894. Their journey from 1894 has been strenuous as they pinned to clasp the Premier League Trophy.  This long stretch of years saw many defeats as well. The highest finish was at the second place in 1928 – 29. Their determination and sporting spirit eventually paid off in 2015 – 2016 when the Leicester won the Premier League. The biggest Surprise in the history of Leicester!

The club motto is “Foxes never Quit” which holds true with the players of the team who did not get their aim to be dampened by the many defeats which they faced. They are the creators of the hottest news, making bold headlines on many newspapers. Kudos to Manager Claudio Ranieri and his team for making Leicester proud!

Team of Choice Furniture Superstore congratulates the Leicester City Football Club for their exuberant win! They have set a good example to prove the fact that success waits around the corner for those who clear the hurdles in their path. Keep the embers burning bright!

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