TV stands offer you an ideal placement position for your television and also help you to give uplift to the beauty aesthetics of any room interior. Greenapple has made a mark for itself in the TV stand furniture range. It offers some unique Greenapple glass TV stand offerings for modernizing the looks of home interiors while being pieces of extreme utility and storage. Below are described some of the high-quality, sophisticated and unique offerings of the brand. The minute aspects of these beautiful TV stands have been detailed so that you can choose the right one for your Television.

Greenapple glass furniture

The Greenapple Cliff TV Stand
The Greenapple cliff TV stand is made out of glass and walnut wood. It can store a TV up to 50 inches in size and 35 kg in weight. The oak-colored stand has two shelves. The stand and the shelves have been fixed with each other by using the modern UV bonding method that provides for everlasting and high-strength bonds. UV bonding also provides for a seamless and smooth look of the TV stand. The Greenapple TV stand has a large shelf in the center that has enough space for storing all TV accessories including the gaming console and set-top box. At the back of the stand you will get a cable management system that keeps your TV storage neat and clean. The complete package provides you extreme utility while keeping your living or bedroom interior in a refreshingly beautiful state.

The Greenapple Plasma TV Stand
The Greenapple plasma TV stand range is available in different varieties and forms. The handmade glass TV stand has beautifully and exquisitely crafted glass. It has 3 shelves made of glass and can support TVs of size up to 42 inches and weight of 35 kg and less. With its 3 well crafted glass shelves, it can store all the related pieces of entertainment easily and comfortably. The larger plasma TV stands from the brand can support TVs with sizes 50 inches or less and a maximum weight of 50 kg. These are built beautifully and have inserts of walnut veneer shelf. They are also strong and sturdy and comprise of 12mm safety glass that are toughened further.

Greenapple Glass Corner TV Stand
The Greenapple glass TV stand is made from handmade glass. It has 3 shelves for storing other entertainment products as well. They are ideal for placing television of weight equal to or less than 35 kg and size equal to or less than 42 inches. The range is made from quality glass and the pieces have smooth edges for comfortable handling.

Greenapple Black Mamba TV Stand
The contemporary Green apple mamba TV stand is the most beautiful offering from the brand. It is made from sandblasted glass which is modern-black in color. It can ideally store a TV weighing up to 30 kg with size equal to or less than 50 inch. The built-in shelves provide for storage of other entertainment peripherals like the Xbox or Blue Ray player. It has a clean and tidy look and has the natural cable-management system that the stand holds at its back.

Greenapple TV stand range is comprehensive and is of supreme quality. The pieces require no care and last for decades. You can select the stand that fits your budget, your home space availability conditions and the television’s size and weight. Most of the online TV stand and home décor furniture stores offer you these great utility and beautiful furniture products with no extra-delivery charges and also provide with them extended warranties and guarantees.

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