Chest of Drawers plays an indispensable role in any home decor. From Modern to Contemporary home styles, Chest of Drawers is something that helps in making the overall look of the home clean and clutter-free. With Design and Style of the Storage solution, it’s also important to consider the Chest of Drawer Dimensions (Chest of Drawer By Width, Chest of Drawer By Height, Chest of Drawer By Depth).

Choose Chest Of Drawer By Dimension That Complements Your Home Interior

A Chest of  Drawer by Width provides an extra storage space for storing daily routine things close to hand. It’s the ideal home for all your towels and bed sheets and another thing that can’t be hung in your wardrobe in the bedroom. To help you find the perfect Chest of Drawer that suits your style and size of the bedroom, we’ve created the small guide to Choose Chest of Drawer By Dimension that complements your home interior.

What Sizes Can I Choose from?

The foremost consideration for Chest of Drawer is Chest of Drawers Size and Dimensions. In a small room, you can choose a thin and tall Chest of Drawers will not take much space and offer you plenty of storage space for your daily routine things.  Slim Chest of Drawers can be quite narrow, so check the width of the Chest of Drawer before you make any decision. You also need to look at the Chest of Drawer By Depth, Depth completely depends upon your requirement that what you need to store in the Chest of Drawer.

Before making any decision, consider what you’re looking to store in the drawers, as small items like a handkerchief, Socks, Ties, keys etc. needs smaller drawers than Blankets and Jumpers.

What are the different styles and materials Chest of Drawers available?

Here at CFS UK,  you can browse through a vast range of Chest of Drawers in an array of different styles and materials. From Modern, Classic to Contemporary and traditional, Chest of Drawers is available to suit each and every type of space and style.


For a modern and contemporary look, many of the Chest of Drawers By Height are available in a high gloss and painted finish. Our Modern Chest of Drawers Sizes is available to suit any small and large bedrooms. Chest of Drawers Width options also helps in choosing a more suitable piece for your home. 

Style Statement

For creating a style statement in your bedroom, you can choose mirrored Chest of Drawers By Dimensions. From Oak, Pine, Walnut, Painted to High Gloss Chest of Drawers, choose a piece that suit with your bedroom furniture and give a dazzling look.


For achieving a traditional look in your home, consider Wooden Chest of Drawers in Oak & Pine. Wooden Chest of Drawers provides a classy look to your bedroom and also they are sturdy and long-lasting.

What to Buy, If my budget is Low?

On festive & Shopping seasons Like Christmas and Black Friday, we offer extra savings on purchasing of the branded bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture. You can also buy Chest of Drawers of your Choice from CFS UK online Furniture Sale UK.

Why Choose Chest of Drawers from Choice Furniture Superstore?

With wonderful online shopping experience, we also offer top quality Chest of Drawer and other Furniture at the most competitive prices. As one of the UK’s Leading Stockists of the Branded Furniture Products, we’re committed to offering our top quality products at amazing prices.

We also provide the option to our customers to choose the furniture by Sizes or Dimensions. Like, if you’re searching for Chest of Drawers of specific Size (Width, Depth, and Height). Whatever Width, Depth and Height Chest of Drawers you’re looking for your bedroom, Look no Further than CFS! We have a comprehensive range of Chest of Drawers to suit every bedroom style and size.

To explore a selection of styles and sizes Chest of Drawers available, View our Chest of Drawers By Dimensions Page. Find Chest of Drawers By Height, Chest of Drawers By Width, Chest of Drawers By Depth online at CFS and enjoy a wonderful customer service.

Happy  Shopping! Cheers!


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