It is nowhere a secret that opting for the services of an interior designer can be expensive. Even if it is for a single room, the cost, sometimes, can be difficult to incorporate into the calculated home budget. But we also can’t deny the truth that a beautiful home lifts our spirits and generates positivity with mental satisfaction.  In such a scenario, the best ways for home decoration is being creative and resourceful. It is a false statement that decoration can only be possible with expensive accessories since there are excellent resources available that can breathe a whole new life and change your home from drab to fab.

1) Play with the Colours:
Colours are the biggest resource for interior designers. Colours come cheap and they can make loud and strong impressions on the rooms. Before taking the plunge, it is always better to collect free palettes and check out for what suits best. The basic rule of painting is to choose colours in a ratio of 60, 30 and 10. 60% space is covered by the walls so that space should be used for neutral colours, 30% should be secondary colours and rest 10% should have a bolder accent to make the painting prominent.

2) Choosing Inexpensive Home Accessories
Inexpensive Home Decoration is usually divided into four major parts wall hangings, lighting, cushions and rugs. Wall hangings to begin are ideal accessories which come cheap but keep lasting impression. Meaningful yet bright paintings or designer mirrors are the best choices in these regard. Lighting also comes extremely cheap but adds a glowing effect to every corner that remains illuminated with it. Try using the designer lamp shades or the hanging lights to get the best effect. Changing the cushions and adding a brighter rug can also add on to provide the immense difference to the look of the house. These are low-cost accessories but elevate the beauty of the house in several folds.

3) Decorate with own Art
The best way to decorate the house is by implementing own style and trait that gives a whole new edge to the look of the rooms. Decorating with own art or being crafty can be an excellent idea. Having a gallery of photos straight from the albums to brighten up the walls can include a certain warmth to the ambience of the house can be less costly yet too elegant.

4) Repurpose What is Already there
It is absolutely true that repurposing the old items in a house can never look so bright and gorgeous as the ones straight from the stores. But when it comes to the investment of a little time and some elbow grease for a totally transformed look of the interior, then it’s a wise decision to use the resource.

5) Go Green
Another way to elevate the look of the rooms is by introducing indoor plants that can enrich every corner in the most exquisite way.

To conclude, there are a sufficient number of ways to decorate the house. One just needs to be creative and look out for innovative options. If the budget is limited, it is best to take one room at a room.

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