Creating space in our bedrooms has always been a task, a task which we all can complete successfully by having a sliding wardrobe. A wardrobe with sliding doors not only looks elegant and modern but creates a lot of space within the bedroom. Standard wardrobes with hinged door tend to take extra room when we opened. Unlike hinged wardrobes sliding wardrobes have doors which slide within the depth of the wardrobe creating extra room for you to easily move around or in some case even allows you to position your bed opposite the wardrobe with bed foot end close to the wardrobe, ideal scenario in smaller bedrooms.

Free Standing Sliding Wardrobes

There are 2 types of Sliding wardrobes available in the UK, free standing sliding wardrobes & fitted sliding wardrobes. Out of the two the highly recommended and best choice are the standalone sliding wardrobes as they are very reasonably priced compared to the fitted ones. Other benefit of the free standing wardrobes is that the range is available in choice of heights, starting from 180cm till 245cm high & width starting from 110cm upto 3 meters and even 4 meters in some designs. Wide choice of colours options are available as standard with an options of wood, glass and mirrored doors.  A standard sliding wardrobe is supplied with minimum 1, or max 2 shelves and hanging rails all over. You can buy additional internal accessories such as extra shelves, divider, tie rack, coat rack, perfume tray, shoe tray and wardrobe internal chests. To compliment your wardrobe further you can add cornice & Led lights.

Sliding Wardrobe Furniture

If you are looking to create that extra space in your bedroom or have got a shockingly high price quote from your local fitted wardrobes company, we recommend you to take a look at our sliding wardrobes ranges.  We assure you to surprise you with our collection and reasonable prices. Whether you live in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Scotland, we deliver nationwide.

Go ahead choose the best wardrobe that suits your style!

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