At Choice Furniture Superstore, we care about our products and that’s why we’re sharing tips to care your home furniture. We feel that furniture is a long-term investment which you will see with years of usage. If your furniture gets proper care and maintenance, then it will remain same for a long time.

How Should I Care For My Home Furniture

Of course, it is not always easy to know the best way to care your furniture especially, when there are a large variety of wood types and finishes available in the market. We thought you might be aware of general tips to care your wood furniture like to keep them away from direct sunlight. In the dark furniture pieces the result of damaged caused by direct sunlight can be noticeable. 

Choice Furniture Superstore has a wide variety of Solid Wood furniture ranging from solid wood pine to oak having the high quality lacquered and oil finishes, sealing and protecting the wood from moisture and dirt. Don’t use harmful cleaners on your furniture, harmful liquids that can decrease the charm of the wood. You can clean the dirt of your home furniture with a soft cloth. Soft Cloth will help you in removing the dirt of the furniture without harming them. On light oak furniture pieces, you can simply apply a wood wax with damp cotton lint free cloth to remove stubborn stains.

We also have high gloss finished furniture in our home, high gloss furniture needs special care and maintenance at the time of cleaning. You can avoid scratching your high gloss furniture by using a feather duster or a very soft cloth. Clean your high gloss finish furniture smoothly and don’t apply any pressure on it.

How to Polish Wood Furniture?

Polishing your wood furniture is a great way to protect it. Polishing give your home furniture, fresh feel and shiny appearance. Polishing not only enhances the beauty of your furniture but also protect it. Before polishing your furniture, you need to remove the dirt from the surface of the furniture. Also, read the manufacturer instructions before polishing your wood furniture. No Matter from where you have purchased the furniture, whether from online or offline from local stores, you should carefully read the instructions mentioned on the furniture care guide. After reading instructions, you can apply suitable wax on your wooden furniture.

Apply wax on your home wooden furniture, lightly rub along the surface grain to form a thin coat. Once you’ve applied the wax, leave for some time to dry and after that clean with a soft cloth to make it shiny & appealing.

How Should I Clean the Finish of My Home Furniture?

Nowadays, the different type of wood finishes is used on the furniture and they all need different types of care and maintenance. You can do daily wood dusting with a soft, dry and clean lint-free cloth. After cleaning the surface, rub in the direction of the grain. Polishing should be done once in a six month using soft, clean and lint-free cloth and rubbing the polish in the direction of the grain.

To clean the finish on your wood furniture, you can use warm water and mild dish soap. Cleaning your home furniture with liquid will not harm, just be careful not to soak it. You need to clean the dirt off the surface with a very soft cloth, paper towels until they are not clean. After that, you can clean any residual moisture with a soft cloth.

After cleaning, apply high-quality soft paste wax to protect your furniture. After this, you will get back the shine of your furniture. Cleaning procedure may differ depending on the finish type, you must refer furniture manufacturer’s recommendation before applying any cleaning method on your home wood furniture. 

Leather Care

You need to remove the seat of the dining chair at the time of oiling to avoid the staining the fabric of the seat.  Avoid placing your sofa in direct contact to sunlight, it will discolor the sofa. If you protect your leather sofa from dust, direct sunlight, heat and chemicals, it will give you comfortable seating for years. Sofa will serve for a long period of time, if you care it properly. Regular dusting with a soft cloth is necessary for leather furniture products.

Don’t use any type of chemical added cleaners, or soap in cleaning.

Lacquer Furniture Care

Lacquer is used on many woods, but it cannot be applied on rosewood and mahogany. It is a clear and durable finish applied on many wood. Lacquer finishes require low maintenance and it is stain resistant too. Lacquer finish can be damaged by solvents and alcohol, it is recommended that clean lacquers using non-silicone ammonia free furniture polish. For better results, you can also use natural beeswax polish for lacquer.

Lacquer provides extra depth and durability to furniture products. The finish protects the wood and enhances the beauty of the wood. With regular care and maintenance, the finish will be the last longer.  

Wax Furniture Care

Wax Furniture care can help you in protecting and enhancing the beauty of your home furniture. You should re-wax your home furniture twice in a year. Wax will surely give your furniture, rich color and smooth surface. You are advised to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid any type of harm to your furniture. Always use a quality wax for your home furniture. It is advised to use Beeswax for your furniture, it can protect wood for a long time.  

Oiled Wood Surfaces

Oiled surfaces should be treated with wax oil before use. If you use wax oil on the top surface, it will help you in maintaining the surface’s resistance against scratches, stains and liquids. Many of the online furniture retailers provides high quality wax oil. You are advised to oiling with care, the excess oil on new furniture can leave stains on textiles. Carefully check the furniture before using and wipe up the excess oil from it.

General Furniture Care Tips

  • Always place your home furniture away from direct sunlight, to avoid  harm caused by sunlight to your furniture and objects placed on the surface of the furniture. Also, avoid placing furniture near heating ducts, fires and radiators.
  • Use coasters and mats, to avoid scratching, water marks and heat rings on your furniture.
  • Dusting should be done on a regular basis with a soft cloth.
  • Always use high quality polish and read manufacturer’s instructions before polishing and cleaning furniture of your home.
  • If you’re placing furniture to another room, avoid dragging it. Always move your furniture with care to avoid  damaging to your furniture joints.
  • Protect your wooden furniture from warm objects, water and chemical cleaning agents. You need to wipe up strong color liquids immediately because strong color liquids stains can make your furniture look dull. Strong color liquids such as Red wine, tea, coffee should be wiped immediately without wasting time.
  • If you buy new furniture for your home, we advise you to leave the drawers empty & open for a few hours to allow the oil to dry.

It’s surprisingly simple to protect your home furniture and enhance wood’s natural beauty. Your home furniture only needs little care and maintenance time to time. We hope above-mentioned tips will help you in caring your furniture in the best possible way.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to comment below. Furniture is one of the important elements of your home. A little care will surely make your home furniture long-lasting.

Take care of your furniture!!!



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