White Furniture is gaining huge popularity among house owners because of its beautiful and elegant look. White High Gloss furniture creates a sense of purity, lightness, and airiness. Whatever style and size of your space, White Wooden Furniture has the quality to suit any modern and traditional home styles. And if you properly take care of your White French Furniture, the furniture will look new for a very long time.

How To Care Your White Furniture And Keep It Looking New

White Furniture maintenance is not as difficult as it seems, you can easily care your white furniture and keep it looking new. For all people who want white furniture at home but are confused how to take care of them, here are some tips that help them keep their White Furniture New:

Clean Regularly

Dust build-up is a common problem with all types of wooden furniture; it can also be seen in White Furniture. The only difference is that in light color furniture dust can be noticeable. In order to clean all dirt and dust from furniture use a damp soft cloth or sponge and wipe gently in a vertical motion, if you’re using a dry cloth chances of scratches on furniture increases. When caring for White Wooden Furniture it is very important to give extra care and avoid using any chemicals or furniture sprays such as glass cleaners or furniture polish. As we know, White Furniture needs special care than any other furniture. To make your furniture clean and dust-free, Clean your White Wood Furniture in every 7-8 days. And in every 3 months, you should get your White Wooden Furniture cleaned by professionals. A little care will help you keep your furniture looking beautiful and new.

Stain Protection

White Furniture is light furniture and stains look clear as compared to any other furniture. For stain protection, you can use the covers on White Sofas and coasters on White Coffee Tables and White Dining Tables. Also, you can remove stains from your furniture using stain removers. Any stains on your White Gloss Furniture, it can be cleaned immediately with a hot water and detergent using soft & clean cloth.

When you choose White Furniture for your home, make sure you are selecting the material of the furniture in which stains can be removed easily using stain removers.

Keep it out of the Sun

Keep your White Gloss Furniture away from the direct sunlight. Direct Sunlight will harm finishes, fading and destroying them over time. Sunlight will shrink the wood and causes cracks in the furniture. If you live in hot climates than keep your White Furniture away from windows, to prevent your furniture from turning yellow from white.

Don’t use Harsh Chemical or Abrasive Cleaners

Dust or wipe clean with a soft cloth once in 7-8 days. Be sure don’t leave watermarks on your white furniture. These water spots get dry and could possibly, leave permanent marks on your furniture. You are advised not to use any chemical cleaning agents or abrasive cleaners on your light white furniture and they can be quite damaging.  

Read Manufacturer Instructions

Almost every furniture brand mentions cleaning instructions on their furniture products. You are advised to read carefully the recommended care instructions for perfect cleaning of your White Furniture.

Set Certain Rules

When you have White Furniture in your home, you must set certain rules. You must not allow anyone to eat on your furniture, as you know any oil or food stain is very difficult to remove. Also, do not allow pets and small kids to play around your white furniture.

Note: Take a professional advice before cleaning, if your furniture is antique or wood in a poor condition (old furniture).

Keep these tips in mind to keep your White Wooden Furniture looking stylish, beautiful and new for as long as possible!


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