Many people think of a modern living room, a nice, open space showered with latest furnishings. Space should be airy and comfortable. But for many people, this is not the reality when they open their front door. It’s like you imagine a more contemporary, well-ventilated space, but you always live in an entirely different space. So, now you need to take steps to change it. Read on for great ideas to decorate, revamp, and declutter your living room. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy the interior bliss.

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  • Set a budget for your interior design project. You need to make sure that you stick to your budget. Never overspend on your dream living room. This will only bring unhappiness to you.
  • Declutter your living room. Clutter makes everything look less attractive and less modern. It is impossible to achieve a contemporary look to a room when it is covered in clutter. Maybe you even have extra pieces of furniture or broken items of furniture that you need to take out of the room. 
  • Take out furniture that is out of date or out of style. It is impossible to create a sleek look with eclectic pieces in the room. If you need to revive your space, then you need to clear out the furniture that doesn't belong in the room.
  • Replace your carpeting or flooring. If you have old carpet or outdated parquet flooring or the like, then you really need to think about updating your flooring. It may be hardwood to warm up space. Or perhaps you would like to save a little with laminate flooring. Fresh carpeting always perks up space.
  • Freshen up the walls with paint or wallpaper. Your living walls are the best place to use a colour scheme to create a nice feel to the room. Fresh paint or wallpaper will get the job done greatly. The good thing about paint is, it is easy to change, and you can do it yourself very easily. Wallpaper is a little trickier. You can even paint just one wall in your room instead of all four of them. It creates a focal point. You can pick your favourite colour that reflects your personal taste. Or choose a colour that accents your furnishings.
  • Buy cushions, pillows, and rugs to create several options for accessories for your space. These accessories can tie the entire room together. If you select the right accessories, then you can create a wonderful and perfect look for your space. You can make the room to look as you like.
  • Turn your attention and mind to the lighting decor & the strategic locations of Lamps set up in the room. This makes an atmosphere and surrounding that will be pleasing to you. Your room can have the correct feel to it with the suitable lighting.
  • Find rugs and paintings to dress up the walls. You need paintings to create a bold statement in the living room. Rugs will give the warmth feeling to the room. And the family portraits & paintings will make the space unique and personal to you.

The ideas presented here are simple and easy to blend with your overall decor.  You can create a space of your own by using a little bit of creativity. 

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