Oak has multiple benefits when used for manufacturing furniture. It can be moulded and crafted into marvellous and timeless furniture designs, is durable, has the best natural beauty that no other wood offers and is long lasting. When properly cared for and maintained, Oak furniture lasts for a lifetime or more. Here are some tips that will help you to know the basic of Oak furniture. Use the tips listed here for caring for your exquisite and lasting furniture for yourself and for making it everlasting and one with timeless beauty.

Avoid Excessive Heat
Excessive heat can be really bad for your Oak furniture. It fades the natural colour of the furniture and dries it, thereby causing splits and cracks. Heat can reach your Oak furniture through multiple sources, including the sun, radiator and other heating devices. These prime heat sources make the wood expand and contract, and if the sun-heat reaches your furniture each day, you may see their appearance getting dull. Cracks appear sooner than you anticipate. Use curtains so that the sun rays do not fall on your furniture for excessive time periods. Also, do not use the radiators (for extended periods) in rooms that have Oak furniture.

Oak Furniture

More than required moisture can also create disturbances in the texture of oak furniture. Use the waxes for making your furniture free from moisture and crack proof. Purchase furniture that has premium oil and lacquered finishes. These types of furniture can be found easily on online furniture web portals like Choice Furniture Superstore. The lacquer and oil finishing protects the veneers from oil, dust and even sun rays and heat. If you find any cracks fill-in wax so that humidity and dirt do not accumulate in the cracks and cause their further widening.

Use Natural Cleanser Only
Chemical-laden furniture cleansers can harm your Oak furniture and take away their lustre and shine. Use the oil-based natural cleansers for cleaning them or use a cotton cloth dabbed with linseed oil for wiping the furniture.

Do Not Use Wet Wipes
The clothes that are overly and excessively wet should not be used for cleaning the Oak furniture as these kinds of cloth pieces, remove the protective oil finishes from the surface of the furniture and may also leave marks. Use dry and damp clothes for soaking and cleaning the spoilage. See to it that the furniture surface is dry and does not have any unwanted and damage causing water marks.

Wax the Furniture Frequently
Apply waxes of proper colours for the waxed furniture every 6 months, so that the sheen of the furniture is enhanced. Waxes also delay the drying out of Oak furniture.

Dust Frequently
The furniture needs daily care for enhancing its longevity. Use clean and soft cloths for removing dirt, debris and spoilage daily. While cleaning, clean the grain of the furniture wood so that no scratches occur. Also, lift the objects placed on the furniture and do not drag them as you may get scratches on the furniture surface this way.

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