Decorative bedrooms in glossy magazines have always been quite attractive for every individual. The classy, elegant look not only inspires our ideas but brings a wish inside us to enjoy similar comfort in our own rooms. Looking at the pictures, it is quite justified to think that these are examples of grace, style and sophistication, and it costs a fortune to avail the same. But this is a wrong conception since every décor is not always expensive and there are simple, innovative decoration ideas which can be implemented to provide a romantic feel to the bedroom. Some of these ideas include.

One of the most preferred corners of a room is the window seats. For a bedroom, windows should be decorated with layering effect. The first layer can be done with a simple white muslin cloth which is stunning and also helps in protecting the privacy. The next layer would be the one that contributes to the décor of the room and catches the interest. So a thick velvet fabric, linen or brocade is better in the second layer. All the curtains should be long and floor length to give an elegant and romantic look.

Dressing the bed can be made equally eye-arresting while designing the bedroom. Satin sheets can look quite interesting, but one can also try with other options like traditional vintage look fabrics to provide a unique look to the bed. Warm woollens at the end and pumped up cushions at the top will complete the look.

The floor of the bedroom can be decorated with a long pile rug just in front of the bed. This will serve excellently as a soft underfoot and will pamper every time one keeps their feet on them.

The decor of the room in many ways is dependent on its walls. So the ideal way to decorate the same is by having good artwork, nice wall hangings to give it a different look. To have more cosiness and warmth in the ambience of the room, it is always better to have photo frames with the favourite couple picture. One can choose the vintage style frames to make it more fashionable.

Lighting is another important accessory in the bedroom. To begin with louder higher watt bulbs are never quite romantic. It casts strong shadows which are better avoided. A crystal chandelier in smaller shape can be an exciting addition to the room. One can install a dimmer switch to control the illumination. For the bedside tables, 40-watt lamps can be quite good for relaxing or reading. Concealed light on the dressing table are also quite fashionable and romantic.

If the idea is to transform the bedroom based on a specific theme such as modern or traditional, then it is better to fetch ideas from the innumerable home decoration magazines available on the market. There are online resources which can also be depended on to have tips and tricks on how to make the bedroom decoration more attractive and romantic.

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