Beds are synonymous with comfort. For some others, it is also an expression of luxury. To sleep in a super comfortable bed is one of the joys of life that everyone desires for. From queen size to moderate vacation home bed size, they vary in sizes and shapes that make our sleeping hours pleasant. Here is a list of top ten beds from popular bed manufacturer Frank Hudson that will add great glam and comfort to your vacation home.

1 - Island Breeze Rattan Twin Beds
Perfect choice for those families who crave for some extra space in their vacation homes. These perfectly sized beds not only provide comfort but are also apt for any small sized bedrooms.

2 - Sovereign Canopy Bed
Imagine waking up in a stylish vintage style bed with bedsteads? A sovereign canopy bed offers just that for those who want some class and style in their bedrooms. The dark ebony finish with slight lustre can give a unique, timeless appeal to your bedroom.

3 - Urbana Bed
For someone who wants to rest in poise that resembles luxury and serenity, the Urbana bed offers the perfect solace. It is designed with a neat choice of fabric that accentuates its beautiful unique design. Just the bed for someone who wants a class in everything that touches their lives.

Frank Hudson Bedroom Furniture

4 - Belle Isle Twin Headboard
A perfect choice if your house is located in a coastal backdrop. With large headrests designed in an antique model, the Belle Isle Twin Headboard is made out of pure bamboo and rent rattan material giving it a unique look and feel.

5 - Paradise Point Bed
Walking into a luxury start hotel suite you will find a glorious bed popped against the sidewall. That is exactly what Paradise Point Bed is all about. Bring this exquisite piece of bedding to your home and elevate your sleeping comfort.

6 - West Indies Twin Headboard
Just as their name indicates, this twin headboard is just what you need if you have a liking for the island flair and style.

7 - Orchid Bay Upholstered Bed
Is simplicity your style? Does durability score over frills in your preferences? Then Orchid Bay Upholstered Bed is the best bedroom furniture you can invest in.

Frank Hudson Bedroom Furniture

8 - Mandarin Upholstered Panel Bed
With a subtle design statement that makes it distinctive from other beds you will normally find anywhere else in this world, the Mandarin Upholstered Panel Bed is a perfect way to add ambiance to your bedroom.

9 - Pritchards Bay Panel Twin Headboard
With neatly designed lattice and a woven raffia panel for headboard décor, the Pritchards Bay Panel Twin Headboard bed is something that will remind you of the Bermuda Island.

10 - Barrington Upholstered Platform Bed
With neat architectural design and a stylish nail head that oozes luxury in every corner, the Barrington Upholstered Platform Bed is for those who wish to retreat in a modern and luxurious bed. The upholstered headboard and the rose gold patterns simply make this a great add on to any modern home. 

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