Surprisingly, Oak and Pine both wood have little similarities and also they are different from each other. Oak Wood is popular for bedroom furniture or living room furniture while pine often uses in a dining room or kitchen. Both Wood has their pros and cons, which will help you in choosing the best furniture for you.

Oak VS Pine Furniture: Which Furniture Suits You Best

Are they Same Kind of Wood?

Pine is classified as a softwood while Oak is a hardwood. Oak is comparatively heavy, durable and expensive. Oak Wood Furniture is rich in strength and long-lasting as well as moisture and humidity resistant. Pine is a softwood, lightweight and less expensive than oak wood. Pine is sturdy and resistant to shock, but less durable as compared to oak wood. 

Oak Wood Furniture is Robust than Pine Wood Furniture

Oak Wood Furniture is more sturdy, practical and long-lasting than Pine Wood Furniture, that’s the reason for its popularity. Oak Wood Furniture is a long-term investment in your home and serves you for generations. The Solid Oak furniture will last a lifetime if proper care given to the wood. A gentle wax several times in a year will keep it looking new and beautiful. As compared to Oak Furniture, Pine needs extra care, cleaning, and treatment that should be done professionally by experts to protect them from damage and prevent it from looking tired and worn.  

Oak is More Versatile

Oak Wood is more versatile, it can work very well in different setups, home styles and themes from modern to traditional. Pine is different from Oak, Pine can’t easily suit any home style, if used alone than it could be possible. Whereas, Oak Wood Furniture can easily match with other wood furniture and give a clean look. 

Pine Furniture is more affordable than Solid Wood Furniture

Pine Furniture fits in a tight budget because it is more affordable to buy. Pine Wood is affordable and that’s the reason it is so popular. Pine Wood is mostly used in the Children Bedroom Furniture, as you can replace them easily when they grew up! Pine Furniture is cost-effective and always used for Children Bunk Beds.

Or If you’re looking to keep that furniture for a long-time, Oak is worth considering. Oak Furniture is a lifetime investment, will look same for years. From modern to traditional home styles, Oak furniture will fit perfectly. 

Why is Oak ideal for Dining Room Furniture?

Oak Furniture is value for money, it is longer lasting and harder wearing than pine furniture. This is the reason, why Oak is preferred for Dining Room Furniture, especially Oak Dining Tables.

Oak Dining Tables create a style statement in your dining room and require less care as compared to pine furniture.

Painted Pine Furniture, Yes, Pine Can be Painted!

Oak Furniture has a natural grain that looks extremely beautiful. Whereas pine doesn’t have the same look as Oak. However, Painting a pine furniture will change the overall look and style of it. Pine Furniture can be painted, you can get a large choice of styles and looks to choose from.


There is no winner or loser when it comes to comparing Oak and Pine Wood both have their different benefits, it all depends on your personal taste and requirement. Oak Furniture is best for durability and pine is best when it comes to price. To view our complete range of Oak Wooden Furniture, Pine Wooden Furniture or By Wood Types, kindly visit our Online Furniture Store.

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