This great furniture piece is called as the ‘organizing tool’ since it caters the multiple functionalities in every house. From old classic style to new contemporary style, there is a wide range of designs available in chest of drawers today! It can be tall or narrow having drawers arranged one above another or it can be short and wide with drawers on the sides. You can get the size that you are looking for your house and your office. A chest of drawers is not only used for the storage purpose, but it can also be used as a decorative piece in your home. Empty corners of your house can be utilized placing chest of drawers and the tops of the chests can be decked up by placing indoor plants, baskets, photos and other ornamental pieces.

3 Indian Hub Sorio Multiple Chest of Drawer

Chest of drawers can just spruce up the look of every room in your house

Here we shall discuss some of the ways in which chest of drawers can enhance the appeal of every room in your house:

  • Bedroom: Initially bedroom used to be the place where chest of drawers was kept as it was originally made to store clothes. A small chest with 2 or 3 drawers will be an apt one that would even work like a bedside table holding some books and personal items. On the top, you can place a lamp as a decorative piece and make your room appear elegant.
  • Kid’s room or Nursery: Chest of drawers in your kids’ room will allow you to keep their room organized and spacious. You can use different drawers for storing things like books, puzzles, art and craft stuff, and other small things including toys. Placing a chest of drawer with pad at the top surrounded by frame can be used as a changing table as well as a storage unit.
  • Family or living room: High or small chest of drawers is the ideal one for your living room where you can store workout gear, games, puzzles and so on. On the top you can put any fascinating decorative that would appear alluring!
  • Dining room: You can place the low, long chest in your dining room, which can take the place of a sideboard. You can use the top for serving purpose and can store napkins, placemats, tablecloths and trays in the drawers.
  • Guest room: Placing a small chest of drawer in the guest room will certainly make your guests glad and they will be thankful to you for providing a storage unit to tuck their personal stuff.
  • Bathroom: You can place either tall or short chest of drawers in your bathroom. Tall chest will allow you to store towels, washcloths, hair supplies and bathrobes. Small chest can be placed near the shower that will be an ideal place to store towels and bath supplies. You can place a basket of decorative bottles of shampoo on small chest that would appear unique!

A chest of drawers is the best and eminent storage unit for any home!  Ranging from clothes to shoes, the amazingly designed chest of drawers is the best multi-purpose piece of furniture useful for any house.

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