Oak is one of the most consistent species of trees. Many timber products have been manufactured from these tree species and it is a better construction material. Oak is popular for its hardness and it is resistant to the decay of fungi and insects. Though being an expensive wood, people prefer making huge investments on oak furniture. This is because of its attractive element that spreads wherever it is installed!

If you are willing to buy oak furniture for your house, we shall list down some important factors that would guide you to buy oak furniture for your home.

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Overview of oak

Since the middle Ages oak has been used for making different types of furniture pieces. Red oak and white oak are the most popular ones out of all different types of oak trees. People prefer red and white oak, both. People admire the sleek finished look and durability of red oak and it is comparatively less expensive than white oak.

White oak is especially well-known for dining furniture. It is more durable than red oak and is naturally water-resistant. Due to the water resistant ability, many ships were made using White oak. 

Factors explaining why you should buy oak furniture

Installing oak furniture at your place would be a wise idea! Pieces of furniture made from oak are durable and look beautiful. It is one of the strongest woods among all. Oak is recognized for its versatility. With a little care and maintenance, oak furniture can last for a lifetime. It can even be painted, coated and stained.

What to check while buying oak furniture?

You might get excited and not think that the product which you are buying is actually a furniture piece made of solid oak wood or is made with oak veneers. Here comes the important thing where you have to scrutinise the product properly. You have to check whether the pieces are put together properly or not! Manufacturers these days are attaching veneers to the lower quality furniture pieces to add a value to it. Furniture pieces should be smooth and should not have defects like dents and gouges. This is particularly significant when purchasing antique oak furniture. Deficiencies greatly depreciate the importance of an antique piece.

How to get oak furniture at a feasible price?

Oak furniture is expensive and it will be a huge investment in your home. You may also want to get some less expensive pieces with your solid wood furniture. There are ample of furniture stores online that provide custom made superior quality pieces at reasonable prices. These online stores have an extensive variety of products and assure your satisfaction with the furniture. A bit of research from your side will take you a long way. Evaluate prices and virtues of the different stores to dig out the best deal.

Maintenance and upkeep of oak furniture

To keep your oak furniture in top-notch state for years, it is vital to take certain precautions for it, which we shall discuss here:

  • High temperatures and humidity can cause your oak pieces to shrink, swell, crack and lose colour. Hence, the perfect place for oak is indoors, far from heat objects and direct sunlight.
  • To clean and maintain your oak pieces, use a damp cloth. Be cautious and do not rub the wood extremely. Using heavy duty cleaners for cleaning the wood can harm the finish of your wood.
  • Avoid placing hot dishes on finished surfaces. If you spill out something, soak up the liquid with a fresh parched cloth. Do not wipe the wood until it is dried up. Let the liquid dry naturally.

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