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An average person spends one-third of his/her life or 8 hours every day sleeping. We all need to sleep in order to recharge our bodies and to remain healthy. Beds help you get a better sleep and provide for relaxation and comfort that enhance your quality of sleep.

The beds are the bedroom furniture pieces that are not purchased often. You can know some aspects related to bed shopping in order to make your bed purchase rewarding and easy. The bed-buying guide below will help you to enjoy your night sleep, mid-day naps, needle points and book reading in a better way. 


Things you must know before you purchase the bed
You must consider your bedroom size and its dimensions before you purchase the right bed for it. You should also know the size of bed beforehand and the size of the mattress you will require after you purchase the bed. The return process may be complicated or may require time. Hence, it is important that you purchase your bed with adequate knowledge beforehand and have the perfect fit.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Measurements
You need to measure the room area and select the size of bed that can be comfortably placed in the room. Leave adequate space for movement and for placing at least a side-table (you will require it). If you have space, then you can also go for the footboard and headboard. By measuring the space, you will be able to know beforehand whether you can place the nightstand, mirror, bench, wardrobe, chest of drawer and other furniture that can be placed in the room.

Companies and retailers want you to know your bed size before reaching them. Most of the business they get is through referrals and word-of-mouth. You will be more satisfied with a precise purchase and will bring more consumers to the company. So do not feel shy and express your requirements freely when you do the bed purchase.

You are almost ready
After covering the above-given aspects, you are now almost ready for the bed purchase. I say almost as you still need to know whether you need the foundation or box spring and the mattress. If you are purchasing a daybed or futon, you do not require a foundation. Else, you do. The mattress should be of the same size of the bed. Twin mattresses match with twin beds and full bed mattresses with full beds. You can also use your earlier mattresses if they are in fine shape. The technology related mattress manufacturing has vastly improved, and you may like to search for the more comfortable options.

Bed Frames
Bed frames are offered to you in different sizes and include the bed rails, double-end engineered frames and the slat system. These are designed according to the beds that you order. Below is a chart that can help you to match your bed frame size with the size of the mattress.

Mattress Size: California King (Western King)
Feet Length: 6’0’’ x 7’0’’

Mattress Size: King Split (Eastern King Split)
Feet Length: 6’6’’ x 6’ 8’’

Mattress Size: King (Eastern King)
Feet Length: 6’4’’ x 6’ 8’’

Mattress Size: Queen Split (Queen Size Split)
Feet Length: 5’0" x 6’ 8’’

Mattress Size: Queen (Queen Size)
Feet Length: 5’0" x 6’ 8’’

Mattress Size: Full Extra Long- (Double Long)
Feet Length: 4’6" x 6’ 8’’

Mattress Size: Full (Double)
Feet Length: 4’6" x 6’ 8’’

Mattress Size: Twin Extra Long (Twin-Size Long)
Feet Length: 4’6" x 6’ 3’’

Mattress Size: Twin (Twin-Size)
Feet Length: 3’3’’ x 6’3’’


Manufacturer Know How
Search for the renowned manufactures who, apart from offering you high quality, sturdy and well-crafted bedroom furniture will also provide you warranties on the products. Search whether there is a shipping cost involved. More affordable online furniture stores like Choice Furniture Superstore (CFS) offer you the best furniture from the most renowned brands including Willis And Gambier at low costs or at best price (lowest in the market). All products that you get at this online furniture store have extended warranties and provisions and plans for furniture aftercare. You will be also provided with a link to the company’s warranty-PDF document.

Payment Options
Choice Furniture Superstore offers you multiple payment options including credit cards, debit card, pay pal and net banking options and you can pay easily for the furniture through MasterCard, Visa, American Express and other payment cards. With a vast range of exquisite choices in a range of cost brackets, it is almost sure that you would not be going anywhere else. CFS provides you a range of furniture for all home areas including bedroom, living room, dining room, home office, hallway and gallery among others from the best brands from around the world including Bentley Designs, Willis and Gambier, Rauch, Welcome and Mark Webster among others.


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