The holiday season has arrived and among many things to do is the creation of best bedroom for guests. For being the best, it needs to have the best of looks, comfort levels and fitted and equipped with all things that the guests may require. Here are 10 best things you can do to make your guests happy and to make them feel at home.

Here Are 11 Tips For Creating the Best Guest Bed Room

Do not be biased
You need to decorate the guest bedroom like it’s your own. Spare rooms and guest bedroom are often styled on afterthoughts, especially in cases where they are used as playroom or study. Choose from a range of colours and options and put on your emotions while styling the room. Choose the bright colours and contrast them with white and clean bed linens. Place the eye-catching fun objects and provide the much-needed padded headboard against which your guest can lounge.

Bed layering
Bed layering creates the caring and loving atmosphere the guests require and over indulging has no harms here. Get inspiration for your favourite luxury boutique hotel rooms and style beds with multiple layers of the snow-white linens, place proper sheets. Those having hospital-corners are even better. Have at least 4 plump cotton pillows and also place the warm blanket for treating cold at night.

Add the faux-fur throws for temperature plunges
Winters may see temperatures plunging, and so you need to place the faux fur throw at the beds. The throw can be folded and draped at the bed’s end during the day. At night, the guest/guests can pull-up them up to their chins and be warm and comfortable. If the floor of the bedroom is too hard, place the soft rugs on the sides of the bed for a majestic and warm feel.

Provide for storage spaces
While a full-sized bedroom furniture wardrobe solves the storage crisis, do not be disheartened if you do not have it in your guest room. Set up a hook or coat rack where the guests can hand their clothes easily. You need to have a chest of drawers that can also serve the purpose of a dressing table when the need comes.

Create the relaxing, cosy corner
The guests require a small space for themselves where they can relax and recharge themselves. A cosy corner can be easily created for them, and you can put a well-upholstered armchair (that has been layered by inviting and comfortable cushions) and a neatly knitted throw at any corner of the room (better if the window is nearby). Browse through the Willis and Gambier furniture range for some best bedroom furniture storage and seating options. Also, place the side table here so that space is created for keeping iPad, books and drinks. 

Repurpose the existing furniture
The room may be very small for incorporating the bedside table on any one of the bed sides. If you face the situation, pile the boxes and trunks on top of each other so that a small desk or nightstand gets created in a trice. You can also use your old garage stool or a scaled down chest-of-drawers as the chest of drawers. Place the table lamp for making things practical. A scented nightstand and a small flower vase provide for a pleasing and inviting appearance. The place is also ideal for placing books, smartphone chargers and notebooks.

Hydration is a must
The guests require hydration options at all times near them. Go by the hotel model by placing a glass and carafe or leave 1 or 2 bottles of mineral water at the desk or side table. You can also improve the looks of your guest bedroom by going vintage in your glassware selection. Antique markets will provide lots of option to infuse individual, stylish and elegant touch.

Reading materials are the best companions of free times
We all want to spend our leisure time with a book or magazine our hands. Provide plenty of reading options to your guests so that they can be occupied. Place the latest fashion magazines and other books and novels on the bedside table for a more intelligent and inspiring guest bedroom.

The goodies tray
Your guest will love for the daily luxuries that you offer them in the form of scented candle selection, chocolate boxes, French press and coffee and the herbal tea bags. The guest will make their own favourite cuppas without bothering or disturbing you.

The everlasting radio
Many like to get up in the morning with their favourite radio programmes running in the background. The stylish accessory is best when the iGadgets are being charged.

It's Christmas, and you would definitely like to show how much you love your friends and relatives who have crossed distances and boundaries to reach you. Tie and wrap the white fairy lights around the bedside lamp (a string is enough) to make the mood festive.

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