Oak has a distinct colour and appeal that can add colour and style to a home. Oakwood is considered the strongest of all wood varieties that can be used to make custom furniture for homes. They can be easily cut, carved and designed to create beautiful furniture without compromising on their strength. Although they are a bit expensive than other wood varieties, considering the quality and flavour that they add to the interiors of a home, they are very well worth investing in. Here are some great home décor tips you can try at your home using oak wood.

Wicker furniture
Having wicker furniture near your bookshelf or coffee table made of oak wood is a great add on to your interiors. Wicker furniture is usually made from willow tree wood which combined with oak furniture will give your living room a unique feel and appeal. The yellow and golden hue of the wicker wood along with oak’s colour tone will make the room look cosy and comfortable.

DIY Home Decor Ideas

Pastel décor
Oak’s colour goes great with pastel painted walls and background. If your walls feature light colours like beige, cream or ivory white, oak wood furniture can complete the look in a simple and elegant manner, unlike other wooden furniture. They complete the look of the pastel background with their warm and not so bright appearance. Needless to say, your bedroom or living room will feel more comfortable to the eye than with any other wooden furniture.

Setting an elegant bedroom décor with oak wood furniture
The bedroom is where one can experiment with interior designs. It is the only place in the entire house where one can experience maximum privacy. To give your bedroom the much-needed personalization, give it a dash of oak decor that will make your bedroom appear bigger and more spacious.

Giving your vacation home a unique appeal
Having a vacation home is great, but if you don’t set it up with great impressive furniture, you are going to miss a whole lot of fun. Oak can add more glam to your vacation home. Its unique colour and rustic appearance can definitely immerse you in a holiday mood, unlike any other furniture variety. If you thought designing is going to be a problem, chuck your thoughts as oak wooden furniture goes great with any modern or contemporary wood. 

DIY Home Decor

Buying oak wood furniture is not a light task. One needs to ensure that the wood is of genuine quality and is of the required dimensions to incorporate all the design elements. Moreover, it is important to ensure that the background colour and paint colour is something that will match perfectly with oak wood furniture. If in doubt of the outcome, do not hesitate to consult an interior designer who can pick the right oak furniture style and position for your interiors. 

Oak might appear to be an expensive wooden material, but it is very well worth the money since nothing can else give a similar expression of style and beauty to your interiors.

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