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A bed is a man’s best companion. Wondering why? Where else can you find yourself relieved of all stress and worries that torment for the rest of the day? In case, if your bed is not giving sweet dreams to fantasize about, it is time to buy a new one. Here are 10 tips that will save you from doing the homework on how to buy a good bed.

1. Know what you want
Do you want a king/queen size bed with lots of cushion and springs? Are you planning to double up your bedding as a storage space? Is the bed for your room or for a guest room? These are some questions you need to answer before setting hunting for the perfect bed.

Do It Yourself

2. Know your space constraints
Not everybody has a large bedroom where there is ample space for all sizes of beds. So it is wise if you can measure and find out how much space you have in your bedroom to place the bed. Use measuring tape to find out the exact dimensions of your desired bedding size at home itself.

3. Get the right brand of mattress
Brand matters; especially in something as important as your bedding. Don’t think of going cheap and buying inexpensive bedding. The quality will also be something mediocre only. Brands like Frank Hudson will provide you with extraordinary bedding that will tempt you to fall asleep by just lying down. They are worthy investments for a lifetime to come.

4. Finding the right bedding shop
Like for any other product, bedding and mattress shops are also too many in number. Don’t get confused with a fancy looking shop. You must ensure that the shop has maximum varieties of bedroom furniture to let you choose the best. You might also want to pick up some additional furniture items like bedsteads to add some sizzle to your bedroom.

5. Do a trial check
There is no harm in checking out the bedding by taking a short nap in it. Most mattress shops do allow that. It is worth the check since you are going to use it for a long period of time.

6. Bring your spouse
If you are not the only person who is going to use the bed, it is better that you bring along your bed partner too. After all, they also have an equal right to comfortable sleep.

7. Ask questions
The salesperson at the mattress shop is at your service to clarify any doubts. Do not forget to ask questions like headboard availability, guarantee period, replacement, delivery period and charges, etc.

8. Negotiating the final price
Buying anything, especially bedding at the retail price is not a wise thing to do. Negotiate until a good price that the bedding is really worth for.

Do It Yourself

9. Arranging for delivery
Most shops do provide free home delivery of your selected bedding. However, there are shops that charge some money for the delivery service. Make sure you don’t burn your cash by assuming anything on the contrary.

10. Disposing of your old bed
Now that you have a new bed, there is no need to have your old one hanging around in your bedroom. Dispose of it safely or ask the shop to take it in exchange for the new one with some reduction in the price.

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