For the most sought out design in furnishing items of the 20th century, the Scandinavian Modern Style is the only option, cropping up in your mind. Thanks to its highest degree of design and excellent craftsmanship, you will find every detail of contemporary design in these pieces. If you are looking for the original items, it sure does pinch a hole in your pocket! Otherwise, these items under the replica versions are quite affordable and meant for anyone with a little taste for classic items.

Modernised influences to go with

If you want to know more about the Scandinavian style, then you should get hold of some historical notes first. You can first see the influence of such Scandinavian design in the late 19th century and also in the early 20th century. However, the interpretation was quite modern and innovative.

  • The major feature, which grabs the Scandinavian style, is its simplicity and functionality.
  • It was after the British Arts and Crafts revolution that everyone thought of adding furnishing products, which were beautiful and functional, at the same time. It gave rise to Scandinavian style.
  • Even the Asian art was another reason behind the Scandinavian style. Therefore, you might come across some Viking crafts, along with other new Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles.

Getting into the characteristics

Now, it is time for you to know more about the characteristics of the Scandinavian modern style. Most of the furnishing items are airy and light, with proficient use of neutral colours. The main emphasis will lie on functionality.

  • The strongest point of the characteristic is a light coloured wood. Most importantly, it is not difficult to find such light coloured natural wooden planks, making this furniture quite cost effective.
  • Some of the other materials used in this same sector are metal, granite, leather and clay. These are all available in same neutral colours.
  • There are some other synthetic materials used, and those are fibreglass, plastics and latex foam.

Get to the other variations

Apart from the characteristics, you are aware of; it is time to add some more information in your kitty of Scandinavian style. Some of those are:

  • The style gets its inspiration from nature. Therefore, most of the furniture designers try to keep nature as their epic centre. Even the synthetic materials are used with natural instinct.
  • The designs are completely fluid and simple. It means that the items are free from overly decorative finishes and any sort of complex carving. It helps in offering organic or natural forms.
  • In some of the soft furnishings like pillow rugs and more, you might come across some bright colours. It can easily accentuate the beauty of the available options.

Procure the best products online

Now, if you want to incorporate Scandinavian modern style in your lifestyle, you should choose the best option first. Procure those options from reliable online stores. You will receive various types of products over here, and all from reliable manufacturing houses. The best part is that online stores have lucrative discounts on their projects. Therefore, you can save some hard earned money, too.


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