Don’t Miss Out On Amazing Boxing Day Furniture Deals at the Choice Furniture Superstore!

As the festive season nears, the majority of us are done with our Christmas shopping and presents haveduly been bought for one and all. But there’s still one person that deserves some love, and that person is you!

So, indulge yourself in some of the ‘Boxing Day deals 2019’ that are floating about and take advantage of all the retailers who slash prices on everything in the name of Boxing Day.

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing day is a holiday celebrated the very next day after Christmas. This holiday, celebrated by almost all commonwealth nations and a few others too, has its origins in the UK. Yes! We can indeed claim it as our own. For most, it’s a day to spend with family and friends gorging on the delicious leftovers of Christmas day.

If you’re wondering how exactly did the term ‘Boxing Day’ originate, well, it’s debatable. While many theories abound, one thing for sure is that it has nothing to do with the sport of boxing!So, there’s no real need for you to take out your boxing gloves and jump into the boxing ring on this day.

The most widely held understanding is that the term comes from the British tradition of wealthier members of society giving less privileged individuals ‘boxes’ that contained money and gifts. This could be true or maybe it couldn’t. However, what no one can deny is that this old practice has long been gone now and ‘Boxing Day Sales UK’ have taken its place instead.

Nowadays, Boxing Day is synonymous with sales all around the UK and Boxing day sales are considered to be one of the busiest shopping days in the year. In fact, Boxing Day falls within the top five biggest shopping days in the UK now!

Why do people shop on Boxing Day?

Millions of people shop on Boxing Day every year as there are numerous sales offered by all kinds of shops. In our proud nation, ‘Boxing Day Deals UK’ have always flourished and many people get lifted from their post-Christmas torpor with the lure of discounted prices across various stores.

This year too, many shops have advertised ‘Boxing Day Sales 2019’,so you can get fantastic discounts on furniture, electronics, apparel and various other products. While some stores begin running promotions before Christmas, Boxing Day is when clearance sales start in earnest. Retailers reduce prices significantly and people have the opportunity to buy the stuff they love without having to worry about their pockets too much.

Which brands are a must-buy?

Like every other year, you can get your hands on some amazing Boxing Day furniture deals this year too. It’s a wise decision to do so because not only do furniture pieces make your home a more comfortable place, but they also help express your inherent sense of style. And when classy furniture can be had at discounted prices, nothing should stop you from upping the décor of your home with some of them.

Here are some must-buy brands you should consider for this year’s boxing day furniture sales:

  • Urban Deco
  • Rauch
  • Gallery Direct
  • Vida Living
  • Welcome Furniture
  • Wiemann
  • Mark Harris Furniture
  • Deco Home
  • Content by Terence Conran
  • Serene Furnishings

If you are interested in any of these superb brands, head on to the Choice Furniture Superstore today or visit our website!

Why Choice Furniture Superstore?

Instead of asking ‘Why Choice Furniture Superstore?’, a more relevant question would be ‘Why not?’ After all, Choice Furniture Superstore offers the best selection of stylish and elegant furniture items at prices that just can’t be matched anywhere else. The exclusive and bespoke furniture pieces available at the store are timeless creations that you can cherish for years to come.

A single style doesn’t suit all, so you’ll find a wide selection of room-to-room furnishings at the Choice Furniture Store. From traditional woods like oak, walnut, mahogany and pine to modern finishes like mirrored, glass, painted and high gloss – you’ll be spoilt for choice once you step inside the store or log on to the website.

The Boxing Day Sale at CFS: Prices so low, you can’t let them go!

While some Boxing Day furniture sales might mislead you with complicated terms and unexpected hidden costs, at Choice Furniture Superstore, we don’t make any tall claims that can’t be delivered upon. Instead, what we offer is quite simple:

This Boxing Day, get Flat 10% off on all products at the Choice Furniture Superstore!

Need we say more?

Shop to your heart’s content and save 10% on everything that you buy from us. No gimmicks. No hidden costs. Period.

So, don’t wait any longer and avail some spectacular Boxing Day furniture deals at the Choice Furniture Superstore!


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