With summer on its way, make the most of the sunny days by throwing a perfect garden party. The summer days are the obvious time of the year to throw a garden party for your friends and loved ones, your garden will be in full bloom and the chances are high that the weather will be fine and dry.
how to throw the perfect garden party this summer
You can also enhance your garden’s beauty by choosing a beautiful garden party theme. The longer you have to plan the party the smoother the party will go. When you are organizing a garden party this summer, then you might be wondering where to start all planning. Here are our top ideas on how to bring elegance to your next garden social gathering:
When is the Best Time for Organizing Garden Party?
The summer months are the best time to throw a garden party for your friends and loved ones. As this is the time to enjoy sunny days, full bloom and chances of fine weather are higher.
Once you have fixed the date for organizing the party, then keep a close eye on the forecast. In case the weather is not fine, you can move your garden party in your home. So, prepare a list after considering how many guests you can entertain just in case you have to bring the party inside.
Plan Your Furniture-
plan your furniture
It’s indispensable to know your furniture needs before you plan a garden party. As most of the furniture store takes up to 1-3 Weeks in furniture delivery. So, it’s important to choose your furniture for at least a month before. A formal sit down meals will require a regular round or rectangular dining tables and chairs whereas BBQ might just need garden furniture.
Food is the Main Ingredient of Any Party-
A good menu will set the tone for the rest of your garden party so it’s worth to decide on a menu before what kind of food you want in your garden party. Most of the Garden Parties guests like Outdoor Cooking food BBQ, it gives the great feel and makes your party more enjoyable.
food is the main ingredient of any party
Whatever menu, you pick for your garden party but don’t forget summer is the best time to bring some fresh British grown ingredient into your party. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Raspberries are the best of the summer season and also make your party perfect if it comes from your own garden.
Lighting Makes a Difference in Evening Garden Parties-
lighting makes a difference in evening garden parties
Good Lighting is essential for creating the right atmosphere at your garden party. Keep some beautifully scented candles and put fresh flowers in the flower vase to set the right mood in the garden social gathering. You can also put handmade flower vases on all the tables to give the touch of your personal taste and style.
What Drinks to Serve at an Outdoor Party?
A garden party is not a successful garden party if Chilled summer cocktails are not included in the menu. Always try to bring a variety of drinks that suit the taste of everyone. From Fruit Juices, Soft Drinks to Beers, keep 4-5 types of drinks to cater to the tastes of all.
Wrapping it UP-
What else you can add to your garden party for making it more enjoyable and memorable? Share your suggestions in the below-mentioned comment box. For more tips and ideas, don’t forget to follow our page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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