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Indian Coffee Table - 1

These two adjectives eye-catching and timeless, are frequently used to describe Indian wood furniture. When it comes to certain furniture needs and interior design, wood is frequently used as the primary raw material that is now seen as a way to bring nature into your contemporary house without making it look out of place. Indian wood is one of the most widely used wood in furniture but today, homeowners lack adequate knowledge of this wood. It's critical to comprehend the numerous qualities and advantages of Indian wood before making a decision.

What's an Indian wood coffee table?

Indian coffee tables add contrast to a place and are ideal for unique living rooms. The Indian wood is a fantastic way to transform a living room. Wood is the most frequently used material to create furniture. It’s adaptable and flexible, making it simple to form into various sizes and shapes. Compared to coffee tables made of softwood, those built of hardwood are more robust, heavy, and long-lasting. One benefit of using Indian wood is that it can be refinished and sanded over time, giving your coffee table a new look over time.

Types of wood that are frequently used to create Indian wood furniture.

Beautiful Indian hardwoods like Mango and Sheesham are excellent building materials for furniture. Each wood has its own identity and possesses special qualities.

  • Sheesham wood: The wealthier sibling of Mango is a little bit heavier, a little bit denser, and it has more noticeable knots, grain, and other natural qualities. Sheesham wood is known for its beautiful natural marks, and each piece has a unique characteristic.

  • Mango wood: Mango furniture is quickly rising to the top of the list of solid wood furniture options for all styles of homes. It is the ideal wood for making furniture; a sturdy hardwood that is simple to shape and cut has lovely natural character and is simple to stain in several colors.

To, highlight the exquisite natural character of the wood, it is typically treated with a deep brown or a rich "honey" stain and sealed with wax or clear lacquer.

Various Natural Wooden Elements that Enhance the Beauty of Indian Coffee Table

Indian Coffee Table - 2

All of the markings on Indian furniture, along with the explanations for them, add to the handmade appearance and allure of something that is entirely hand-produced. These inherent characteristics are what distinguish Indian furniture as a lovely variety of sturdy, long-lasting rustic furniture.

  • Graining: The appearance of the wooden grains may vary; this is a normal effect brought on by the maturing process. The oldest parts of the tree have thicker, more distinct grain patterns as they age. Your furniture might be created from several pieces of the same tree, resulting in contrasting markings all over the piece, which contributes to the uniqueness of each piece.

  • Sap Markings: The sapwood that is present in most timbers and is sporadically distributed throughout your furniture. Real wood frequently exhibits sapwood and sporadic coloring, which are not to be viewed as flaws but rather as a completely normal occurrence.

  • Sap Striations: Any wooden furniture may randomly develop markings akin to the sap markings above or the markings on the inside of the item. The marks are not a flaw but rather an inherent feature of all Indian furniture since they are brought on by the sap wood's natural silica content.

  • Knotting: The most frequent marking, or "fingerprint," of natural wood is a knot. These come up regularly in natural wood items and come in different sizes. Because of this, unlike veneered or foil-laminated furniture that is mass-produced, each piece of Indian furniture is unique and no two pieces will ever be the same.

  • Pinning marks: Another characteristic of hand-made furniture is pin marks. Wherever the craftspeople need more bonding and support, these will appear erratically. You'll see that this is a prevalent feature of antique furniture and any other hand-made.

  • Staining: The lighter portions of the natural grain of Sheesham, Acacia, and Mango wood can display traces of natural staining. Especially with Sheesham Wood, this is a pretty typical occurrence that contributes to the natural character.

  • Filler: Because Sheesham, Acacia, and Mango Wood have such a diverse grain pattern and a large number of knots, you will encounter parts of the timber that need to be filled.

  • Natural alterations: Sheesham, Mango, and Acacia are frequently susceptible to water-like natural markings that might occur in the wood at any time.

Décor ideas for Indian wood coffee table

You may tidy up your coffee table just like you do other furniture in your house! Indian coffee table decor is a lovely addition to your home's decor and a terrific way to show off your aesthetic sense. Therefore, read on and upgrade your coffee table with intriguing notions if you're considering any wooden coffee table design ideas to match your living area.

Indian Coffee Table - 3

  • Candles: Candles are a wonderful decor element for an Indian coffee table. You can choose a candle that suits the coffee table and the color scheme of the room it is in today thanks to the wide variety of candles available in different types, colors, and styles. Additionally, you can play with a variety of forms and scents. A grouping of vibrant designer candles may both create a calming atmosphere and be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Flowery Welcome: Freshness and good sentiments are brought by flowers. Being surrounded by flowers is relaxing, and they may truly enhance the appearance of the center or coffee table. A lovely finishing touch can be a centerpiece of flowers or common house plants that coordinate with the color scheme of the space, the walls, and the coffee table. They have a more genuine feel when home-grown flowers are used as Indian coffee table decor.

  • Books That Never Fails To Impress: Books are a wonderful way to amaze guests and a practical way to add some personality to your coffee table decor. Additionally, books reveal a lot about your character, preferences, and taste. Therefore, adding a variety of the finest books for beginners to the center table design for the living room is a terrific touch.

  • Everything combined for coffee table décor: As the name implies, this concept centers on the harmonious blending of many center table design concepts. A few flowers, vases, stones, etc. are included in this. You can set coasters, glasses, and saucers on the table, but be careful not to crowd it. If the table is overloaded, there won't be room for anything to be placed on the coffee table.

How to maintain an Indian wood coffee table?

The most crucial maintenance for your Indian coffee table is to prevent any extra drying and absorption of moisture. If the wood is too dry, it might crack or split; if it is too damp, it can expand and cause drawers and doors to cling.  If care is not taken, the Indian wood coffee table will deteriorate quickly. There are a variety of techniques available, like chemical preservatives and procedures, to increase the lifespan of your Indian coffee table.

These are a few techniques used to improve the durability of Indian coffee tables:

  • An Indian-wood coffee table needs to be dusted frequently. Make use of gentle, dry cotton cloth to eliminate the dust.
  • Avoid placing your table in direct sunlight or heat as this may result in patches appearing on the surface, one brilliant and the other dark.
  • Avoid setting hot or cold foods on the table's surface to make cleaning up easier.
  • They leave behind stains that alter the texture and color of the Indian table's surface.
  • To give wood a lovely appearance, oil and wax polish are highly recommended.
  • For optimal results, clean your home daily with warm water and mild dish soap.
  • Use of silicon-based or spray polishes is NOT RECOMMENDED because they may react with the stain and will cause major damage to wood.

Indian Coffee Table - 4

Best places to purchase your ideal Indian coffee table

Choice Furniture Superstore

Choice Furniture Superstore is located in Leicester. It’s one of the top independent, family-run furniture stores in the UK, with the fastest development rate, provides customers all across the country with high-quality furniture and exceptional customer care. CFS offers one of the most comprehensive selections of Indian Ranges, with styles to match any interior decor.

Services offered at ‘Choice Furniture Superstore’:

  • Free delivery throughout England and Wales
  • Affordable furniture
  • Pay a little deposit to order
  • Instant Finance Available
  • Get an instant discount for new customers
  • Free Parking
  • Premium White Glove delivery is available

Fusion Furniture Store

The company is located in Didcot. One of the top furniture companies in the UK, it is a family-run business. They provide a wide range of furniture types in painted pine, walnut, mango, and oak.

Services offered at ‘Fusion Furniture Store’:

  • Interest Free Finance Available
  • Free Delivery
  • Secured payments

Lifestyle Furniture

Lifestyle Furniture is based in the North West of England. Its mission is to provide every one of its customers with the best possible online buying experience from beginning to end, along with a clever, user-friendly website.

Services offered at ‘Lifestyle Furniture’:

  • Lowest price
  • High-quality Guaranteed
  • Quick Delivery

Casa Bella Furniture

Casa Bella Furniture is a small, family-run company that specializes in selling high-end, solid wood furniture and accessories at retail stores. They are enthusiastic about modern and rustic furniture.

Services offered at 'Casa Bella Furniture’:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Extensive Indian ranges to choose from
  • Free wood samples

This blog provides all the details you need to know about Indian coffee tables, including where to buy them, how to choose one, and the types of wood and finishes that are available in the market. Any more questions can be asked in the comments section.

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