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Clocks are made in a range of materials and substances including birch-wood, acrylic, canvas, aluminium and paper among others. The high quality watches last long and are beautiful and functional pieces of home decor. The range includes the eye-catching and beautiful Vintage wall clocks that have an aged-teal paint finish and the distressed and classic burlap face. The Bradfield wall clocks are classic and elegant heritage-station wall clocks and have a premium glossy metal case. The modern range of clocks includes the Metropolis wall clocks (a uniquely stylish wall clock that has a curved face consisting of bevelled panels of mirrors) and the Challok wall clock (retro and modern diner-style clock design in classic bold red colour) among others. The classic and elegant Marley wall clocks have a premium metal case and are all-time classic decorations. All the refined pieces of the range have been built from premium materials and require no maintenance.
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