Hudson Living Wycombe Oak 21 Items

Finding the right piece of furniture can be difficult, but with our exclusive range of beautifully crafted furniture pieces, you’re certain to find what exactly you’re looking for. We’re providing quality furniture from years and never compromise with the quality of the product. Hudson Living furniture range for the bedroom and occasional use reflects superior craftsmanship and is offered in beautiful, modern and classical designs. Find here premium and elegant chairs crafted with precision from solid-mindy ash. We have displayed here a beautiful and modern range of Frank Hudson Nordic dining chairs. The styles include the charcoal fireside, natural fireside, and timeless charcoal-parlour bench. Equipped with hand-shaved spokes and the elegant back rails, the charcoal fireside chairs are examples of true craftsmanship. The dining chairs have slatted backs, back rails and shaved spokes for making your seating really comfortable. The chairs are available in traditional styling and infuse timeless charm in your home interiors. The wooden bench can seat three persons comfortably. All furniture pieces are bug-resistant and are hand painted with premium paints for superb and beautiful everlasting beauty. Shop online with confidence and enjoy hassle-free delivery of the furniture.
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