Encapsulated Memory Mattresses 4 Items

The handpicked Kayflex Encapsulated Memory range displayed here has a unique and superior comfort feel. It consists of highly resilient foam, and the springs provide it better breathing. The mattresses offer you better comfort even when you lie to your sides and place the shoulders and hips in a perfect and more comfortable manner. They have 1200 pocket springs with additional reflex-foam layer and are also topped with the memory foam for back support and superior comfort (the foams adjust to the body size). The springs work independently so that the weight of your body gets evenly distributed when you sleep. The mattresses displayed here have the cool technology memory foam and are knitted in air flow cover for best-in-class comfort body support. There is no need to turn these mattresses as they remain fresh through the inbuilt breathing system. The Thermo cool 12.5 reflex visco-memory mattress, the 2.5 cm Memory foam mattress, the 12.5 gauge Memory Foam mattress and the Pure Sleep 1200 packet visco-memory pocket sprung mattresses displayed here have the removable cover for easy dry cleaning and are knitted in pure Silver fabric for resisting pathogens, bugs and bacteria.
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