Mark Harris Rustique Oak 21 Items

The Rustique 120cm is a well fabricated dining table that is built utilizing strong oak and completed with a lacquered application. The dining table can seat up to six diners, additionally emphasizes augmentations situated inside the focal point of the table. These open out to give included length that gives the additional length to seat more diners. The craftsmanship put into the Rustique is underscored through the calculated edges and straight lines. While the regular oak utilized offers a sparkle to this bit of furniture, making it suitable to fit into any dining setting. Astonishing look the Rustique Medium Sideboard by Mark Harris; will genuinely convey a natural vibe to your home despite its compact size. The strong oak sideboard is done with a luxurious waxed complete and highlights uncommon capacity arrangements because of its two drawers, two door plan. The Rustique Medium Sideboard is both contemporary and durable. The geometrical lines of this sideboard with its exemplary force ring handles issue you stockpiling with style. The Rustique Medium Sideboard will make a superb expansion to any home.
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