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Find here Sliding wardrobes from UK\'s best brands now offered at Choice Furniture Superstore. We have an unrivalled choice of free standing sliding door wardrobes largely from Rauch Furniture a bedroom wardrobe solutions specialist based in Germany. Our sliding doors wardrobes are available in a range of sizes, colours & height options. These free standing wardrobes are supplied flat packed for easy home assembly and comes standard with shelves and hanging. There are wardrobe internal accessories available to buy. You can add extra shelves, internal drawers, soft close & dividers to give your wardrobe a customised look and make the best use of storage space available inside the wardrobe. Delivery times vary between 1 to 6 weeks depending upon designs and stock availability.
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Urban Deco Ernie Concrete Grey 2 Door Mirror Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding Wardrobe


Get sliding door wardrobes to enhance the beauty of your bedroom


The best part about sliding door wardrobes is that they help in saving space. With these wardrobes there is no need to make space for the doors opening up. At the same time they provide the same amount of storage space that a regular wardrobe does. If you are looking for wardrobes with sliding doors then you have a wide variety of choice with just a click. Choice furniture offers a large variety of sliding wardrobe with mirror and other styles to amp up the style quotient of your bedroom. If you wish to by best sliding wardrobe in UK, visit CFS. Choice furniture Superstore has wardrobes from the best brands in the UK. They have free standing wardrobes which can be moved around the room or your home wherever it suits your requirements.

The largest collection at Choice furniture is from Rauch furniture which is a German company specializing in bedroom wardrobe specialist. The wardrobes are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and height options.

They are supplied flat packed, but they are easy to assemble at home. They have a standard style inside with shelves and hanging and you can also choose from the wardrobe internal accessories. You can add extra shelves, internal drawers, dividers and soft close which make these wardrobes easy to customize. You can make the best use of the storage space available inside the wardrobe.

If you have never used a sliding door wardrobe earlier then you are in for a pleasant surprise when you buy one from Choice furniture. There are so many styles and designs that you will be spoilt for choice. Apart from white sliding door wardrobe you get many other colors. Of course the most popular are the black sliding door wardrobes, but there are also the brown, grey, basalt grass color. At the same time they are also available without mirrors, if you don’t want them. Apart from the standard two door wardrobes, Choice furniture also offers three door wardrobes if your bedroom space permits them.


Your wardrobe should be made of strong material


The most popular choice of wood for wardrobes at Choice furniture is oak wood. It is well known that oak is a sturdy wood that can last for many years to come. Not that you are going to handle the wardrobe roughly, but there is definitely the usual wear and tear and oak wood is able to take a little rough handling as well. The oak wood used in making these wardrobes is treated in such a way that it is resistant to pests like termites. Even the mirrors and glass used on the wardrobes is break resistant. However, if you are looking for a wardrobe that can be used a little roughly then you should opt for the ones without mirrors or glass.


Different styles of the wardrobes


The styling of all the wardrobes available with choice furniture is different. There are the simple wooden finish sliding wardrobes with mirror, which are perfect for people who want the ambience of their bedroom to be subtle and unobtrusive to the senses, and at times such small sliding wardrobes with mirror are perfect for places with space constrain. These wardrobes if selected wisely will enhance the color scheme of your bedroom. They are very elegant in design with sliding doors of the same color.

There are also wardrobes with one door of wood and the other made of glass or mirror. These are ideal if you want to use your wardrobe to check out yourself in any outfit or make up.

They look stylish and reflect the light in the room making it look brighter. However, you have to be careful with handling these wardrobes because the mirror can break with too much rough handling.

Then there are the ones that are a combination of white glass and brown oak wood. These look fresh and will add a light appearance to your room. These wardrobes either have two doors of different colours or a little more stylish with each door painted with a white panel running in the middle of the doors. They are idea if you have a bedroom with a similar colour pattern.

If you are the one who loves drama in the decor of your home then there are the wardrobe doors painted in black and white. There are three panels horizontally placed with black and white combination. Needless to say these look dramatic and catch the eye. They are great if you want to take the attention from the other items in your bedroom. They are very stylish and will add some chic to your bedroom.

There is also a play of mirrors with a panel of mirrors in the middle and the rest of the wardrobe in grey. This wardrobe adds mystique to the decor of your bedroom. Here you need to make sure that the mirror reflects a well styled and decorated bedroom. Make the placement of the wardrobe in such a way that it does not interfere with the other décor of the room.

The stone grey and basalt glass look is something unobtrusive and yet stylish. It reflects your superb taste and can be placed in such a way so that it does not interfere with the decor theme of your bedroom. It is also useful in case you have made the rest of your bedroom dramatic. This wardrobe will mellow down the look of the room especially if you use soft lighting.

There are the wardrobes with front made completely of white glass. These look lovely when placed in a room which has white as the main color. At the same time, it can also be used to tone down a theme which is too colorful. Both the sliding doors of this wardrobe are made of white glass, so you need to be careful how to handle it. Of course the glass is tough but still it can break if handled very roughly. It is advisable not to place this wardrobe in your kid’s room. For them the ones with completely wooden doors are more advisable.

Particularly worth mentioning here is the wardrobe with white and blackberry glass doors. This wardrobe looks dramatic but in a simplistic manner. This wardrobe is ideal for homes with a minimalistic decor theme. The purple colour of the blackberry glass goes very well with the white of the rest of the wardrobe.

If you want more drama than simply a panel of blackberry glass then you can choose the wardrobe with one door made of white glass and the other of blackberry glass. This combination adds a flashy look to your room and is meant for homes with a playful and colourful theme. Make sure that the purple of the blackberry glass does not interfere with the colours of the rest of the room. Choice furniture also has a three door wardrobe with a white glass and blackberry glass combination these sliding door wardrobes UK are very popular in the country.

Black wardrobes with sliding doors are meant for the homes which have a slightly dark theme. These wardrobes are unobtrusive and will remain in the corner where you place them without attracting too much attention. If you want the black wardrobe to attract attention then you can choose the ones with a black and grey combination. These look very stylish and chic and can be used to enhance the beauty of your bedroom in a quiet but effective manner.

Black and white sliding door wardrobes are especially popular in the UK and Choice furniture has a wide variety in them as we can see above. The best part is that black and white both are colours which will get with most color combinations and bedroom décor themes.


Choose a wardrobe that you can shift easily


Free standing wardrobes are meant to be shifted from one place to the other. So if you are in a rented home or about to move shortly then these wardrobes are best suited for you. As mentioned above these wardrobes are delivered to your flat packed and it is best to disassemble them when you are shifting them over a long distance. This will reduce the breakage and damage to the wardrobe.


Should you buy wardrobes according to trend?


Trendy things look good, but with time they fast become passe. However, almost all the wardrobes sold by Choice furniture are such that they will not go out of trend. They are classic in their design and hence you will be investing in a piece of furniture that will not only last you a long time, but will also look cool and trendy as long as you use it. Just a little touching up from time to time will ensure that your wardrobes look as good as new the entire time that you use them.

Styling of the wardrobes

Of course the wardrobes from Choice furniture are stylish by themselves, but you can add a personal touch with a little imagination. You can stick pictures and paintings on them which is the most common way to decorate wardrobes. However, make sure that you use glue that does not damage the wood or glass. It is a good idea to conduct some research online regarding the glue which is best for your wardrobe

You can also stick hooks on the wardrobes and hang decorative puppets or other knick knacks like stylish ribbons, a string of beads or any other item that strikes your fancy. Here make sure that the items that you hang on the hooks are not too heavy to break or dislodge the hooks. The matter of the right kind of glue is applicable here also.

When it comes to the inside of the wardrobe you need to stack or hang your clothes in an organized manner. So that the wardrobe doesn’t look untidy when you open it. This is necessary for your own peace of mind and aesthetic sense. A well-arranged wardrobe will give you pleasure and keep your aesthetic sense alive. You can also decorate the visible parts of the inside of the wardrobe in the different ways mentioned above. Even if no one other than you sees the inside decoration it will give you a sense of well-being and pleasure.


Maintenance of the wardrobes


When it comes to oak wood wardrobes, they don’t need that much maintenance because oak is a tough wood. However, with passage of time the polish or paint might wear off and they will need a touch here and there. This is the reason that they need to be spruced up from time to time. Make sure that you don’t use any pointed object which can cause scratches on the wood. Such scratches are difficult to get rid of and will mar the appearance of the beautiful wardrobe.

When it comes to wardrobes with mirrors and glass, you should make sure that nothing heavy bangs against the doors of these wardrobes to protect them from breakage. This is because replacing the glass or mirrors will cost a lot and is also harmful for you lest you cut yourself with the shards of glass or mirror. The glass and mirrors are most susceptible to get finger prints and other marks on them. To clean these you should use a solution of soap and a newspaper instead of using a cloth. You can also use tissue paper with cleaning solutions especially meant for glass. Make sure to remove any loose dust on the glass or mirror, otherwise even after you clean the mirror there will be ugly patches on them. Needless to say glass and mirror wardrobes demand more maintenance, but they are worth the effort because of the way they enliven your bedroom.

If you are planning to search for sliding wardrobe for sale, browse through the vast selection of wardrobes available with Choice furniture. The website mentions the dimensions and material that these wardrobes are made of and this is a great thing to help you decide which one you should choose. Once you have bought a wardrobe from Choice furniture you need not worry about another one for years to come. These wardrobes are not only sturdy and well fitted, but with their fine craftsmanship and premium material are a must for every household.