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Marble Dining Set 67 Items

The sturdy construction and contemporary style of the Marble dining sets help you to create a fashionable dining area that has top-of-the-class comfort and style. The stunning and contemporary Grecian Marble dining set has been displayed here by Exclusive furniture. The sleek and modern table design has been matched beautifully and stylishly by the MDF wood and veneer chairs that have been upholstered in clean premium cotton fabric and designed to create a striking appeal. The majestic Belgravia marble dining sets on display here have the marble top and pillar base table that have a two-tone paint that matches the exemplary finishing of the strikingly beautiful chairs. The contemporary Bronx Oak and Marble dining set on display here have a sophisticated design and appeal. The chairs have a contemporary design and have been plush-upholstered with premium leather. The next gen. looks and feel of Cruz walnut and marble high-gloss dining set is welcoming and inspiring. The slat back chairs of the set offer exceptional seating comfort and lumbar support. The timeless designs have been crafted meticulously by blending and combining premium and sturdy woods like Oak and Walnut with the everlasting charisma of Marble.
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Marble Dining Set

Did you know that dining tables weren’t popularized until the 16th century? But on the contrary, the ritual of eating and hosting dinners and lunches on tables date back to as early as the Egyptian era. Fast forward to the 21st century, dining tables are one of the most essential furniture that completes a home. From cheerful family gatherings to hosting crazy parties for your friends, from quiet homely dinners to sipping a cup of tea in the evening, your dining table bears it all, and happily so.

At Choice Furnitures, we understand the role a strong and sturdy dining table plays in your home and hence bring to you a huge range of dining table sets to choose from. And talking of dining tables, how can we miss marble dining table sets? A marble dining table set is an absolute yes if you want to add a touch of history and finery to your homes. Choice furniture introduces to you its stylish range of marble dining table and chairs that you can’t decline. With our timeless dining sets, we promise to make your dining experience richer, better and comfier!

Our marble dining room sets are made using high quality marbles that render a seamless finish to the furniture while making it look extremely classy and attractive. A dining room is a private space to share your meals with your loved ones and keeping that in mind, we have designed all our marble dining sets with utmost care and patience. And the best part about our Marble Dining Table and Chairs are that they are available in various sizes and price range. From a 6 seater marble dining table to marble dining table 8 seater, you can now shop for a dining table set depending on your family size and also keeping in mind your budget.

If you are looking to purchase a dining set with a royal touch to it then our Urban Deco Milan white marble rectangular dining set with grey velvet knockerback chairs is exactly what you need. From the print on the marble to the smooth finishing of the table and chairs upholstered in rich velvet, each component of the dining table set spells grandeur and excellence! A 200 cm dining table is perfect for a family of 6. And if you want the same for a small family of 4 then your absolute choice should be our Vida Living Arturo round marble dining table with belvedere chairs done beautifully in champagne velvet. Nothing about this piece of furniture is ordinary. With smooth stainless steel finish to rich upholstery, this marble dining table set with diameter 130 cm and height 75 cm can be a perfect addition to your family. Great for hosting parties, the dining table can serve multiple purposes. You can use the table for a family pot luck or conduct your child’s birthday cake cutting ceremony.

For those who love minimalism and are lovers of all things black, give our Urban Deco venice cream rectangular marble dining table with cadiz black chairs a try. The super stylish design finished in jet black is sure to send your style quotient soaring up the sky. And if you are someone who can’t get enough of white in your house then the all white Urban Deco Milan marble rectangular dining set with knockerback chairs is for you. Chairs finished in mink velvet upholstery and spacious table top is sure to make this piece of furniture stand out!

At Choice furniture, each marble dining table set is expertly designed and curated to give you the ultimate shopping experience. Our designs are smart, intelligent and meant to add a touch of elegance to your homes thereby making your dining space the most special spot for you and your family. So go ahead, indulge in some guilt free shopping because, “ I hate shopping,'' said no one ever!

Materials used

Our high quality marble dining table sets are made out of the best sourced marbles. To give them a contemporary touch, some of our dining chairs are finished with wooden legs and some are given a classic metal finish in shades of gold and silver.

Styling tips

For centuries now, marble has been synonymous with luxury. This stunning piece of stone when cut to a desired shape and size can render utmost opulence to your dining space. Style your marble dining table and chair in such a way that your guests are rendered speechless by your taste.

If you want to bring back the 90’s charm to your dining space decor then we suggest you add candelabras in intricate designs finished in either gold or silver. We also suggest you use scented candles to make the space come alive with sweet fragrances while you dine.

If you are looking for a more modern approach to style your marble dining table set UK, then we suggest you use flowers, lots of them and in bright colors. Spread a table runner across the table and style the center with a flower vase and flowers of your choice. And you don’t have fresh flowers handy, you can always opt for artificial potted plants and candles to accentuate the look of your dining table.

Handling instructions

Marble is an expensive material and requires special care. While marble table tops are durable and environment friendly but at the same time they need to handled properly to increase its longevity. Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Since it’s a stone, it’s easily prone to getting scratched and they are hard to remove. For this we suggest you use a table runner and coasters before placing crockery directly on the table.
  • Avoid placing anything that is hot, sticky or acidic in nature as it may leave stains that might be difficult to remove later.
  • In case of water or any other liquid spillage, immediately wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Use cleaners that are specifically meant only for marbles.
  • You can wipe the marble table top with mild soap or detergent.